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      Our studios are ready to invite both family and kids to our painting classes each Sunday morning. Please see below for further details on each and if you have any questions at all, just drop us a note below!

      What is a Family & Kids Painting Class Sunday Session? 

      Our Paint Juicy Upper Coomera Studio on the Gold Coast now has Family Friendly Sundays. This means children aged 10 years and up can participate in our Paint Juicy Sessions by purchasing a ticket with an Adult. Read more below.

      How is a Family & Kids Painting Class different to a normal Paint Juicy Session? 

      We keep things the same fun way as we do our standard Paint Juicy Sessions with epic lighting, smoke machines, music and beautiful artworks to paint, but with slight adjustments. Our Family-Friendly & Kids Painting Sessions allow adults to bring children from the ages of 10 and up to participate in our sessions. Our music playlist is catered to a younger audience with no explicit content and the artwork of choice is selected to suit a basic painting skill level. Our classes offer kids and adults the chance to learn about new techniques or work with different mediums of paint. We use acrylic paint for all of our sessions. Make it a family painting event that you all can enjoy!

      Where and when are Kids Painting Classes Held? 

      Our kid's painting classes are held at our Burleigh Heads studio each Sunday in the morning. 

      Do I have to pay for my child to attend the Family Friendly Sunday Session? 

      Yes, our Family Friendly and Kids Painting Classes do require everyone who is attending to purchase a ticket prior to the session. All Paint Juicy tickets regardless of age are $39 per person. 

      How long does a Family-Friendly Sunday Session go for?

      Up to 2 hours.

      Can children over 10 years old attend the Family Friendly Sunday Sessions without an adult guardian? 

      No, any child over the age of 10 who is participating in the session must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the session. 

      Can I purchase my ticket at the studio, on the day? 

      No, all bookings must be made prior to the event via our website Tickets are available to purchase for each session up until an hour before the session. 

      Do kids-friendly painting classes work?

      Yes, kids-friendly painting classes are fun for kids and the adults who attend. Get them into something creative instead of just playing games inside. They will have a great time learning new techniques, meeting new friends, and trying out different mediums of art without getting too serious about it all. They leave feeling proud of their creations--which is what matters most.

      Why should I come along as an adult with children attending the same class?

      We have dedicated this particular Sunday and time so that younger folk can enjoy our creative sessions. Every other session we have is dedicated to 16 years and over as they often have adult themes and the artworks are more adult-like. Kids 10 years and older should participate in our Family Friendly Painting Classes because it's a fun way for them to make new friends and express themselves. We also have private children’s parties suitable for children aged 9 years and above here: Kids Birthday

      If you have any questions, please let us know via the contact form below

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