Paint At Home Painting Kits

Paint At Home Painting Kits

Dearest Lockdown Loves or those searching for something fun at home. We get it. Being stuck at home for hours upon hours starts to get a little sucky. Once the fun of a Netflix marathon wears off after your 27th documentary for the week and the endless scrolling begins, that’s when you know you’re in need of a little routine refresh. To brighten your day from us to you, we wanted to give the gift of something a bit funky to your doorstep that’s also totally worth doing in your pyjamas ~ why not consider throwing yourself a paint party at home with our Paint Juicy Paint at Home Painting Kits?

Paint and Sip is a concept that flourished around 2007, combining two of our favourite things: painting & wine. Unfortunately during the pandemic, many Paint and Sip establishments across the world, including Paint Juicy, have had to close due to numerous health concerns. 

We adore the idea of igniting joy through creativity. Perfect for all ages and artistry levels, you need not enter into our studio to go on a Paint and Sip adventure. All you need to have are the art supplies provided by our Paint Juicy Paint at Home Art Kits, some sips and the company of your lovely self or whoever shares your abode. Maybe you could do this over a Zoom with your friends for a unique bonding experience?

What materials are needed for a Paint and Sip Night?

Creating your Paint and Sip session a la Home is super easy to do. Grab your canvas and supplies from our art kit + bring along with you some imagination. Oh and don’t forget the finer necessities! It isn’t a true paint and sip without a glass of wine, beer or maybe even a cosmo? 

A charcuterie board is definitely a must to bring along to your little Paint Juicy soiree. It’s totally up to you about what snacks you put on your board. The most popular though are crackers and cheese, finger sandwiches, veggies and hummus dip, pretzels and chips as well as fruits like grapes, berries and apples. Other treats include granola bars, cookies, brownies and cheeky lollies to satisfy the sweet tooth. 

If you’re looking for the perfect wine to compliment your session, we suggest a delish Pinot Noir known for its rich, fruity punch yet delicate texture. It’d a light-bodied wine with a complex structure, elegant tannins and can be paired with all types of food.

Plan the Paint and Sip Date at Home

To get you in the mood to bring a little bit of the Paint Juicy groove to your home, we suggest decorating your place. Our studios are known for mirrorballs, bright lights and epic tunes ~ maybe try recreating this at home? Your vibe is essential for a sweet time whilst you wine and dine. 

No need to get all dressed up and fancy, your pj’s will work a treat. Once your space is all decked out with equipment and art supplies, pour yourself a glass of your favourite beverage, hit play on the tunes and begin our step-by-step video guide or LIVE painting tuition. This is the perfect bonding event for couples stuck at home together or for those who just want to do something a little outside of the box and special. 

Well, what are you waiting for!

We hope you like it. Grab your Paint at Home Painting Kit today!

Lot’s of love,

The Paint Juicy team x