COVID-19 Response for QLD venues

Paint Juicy is classified as an Indoor Entertainment Venue, which means under the Queensland Government's Mandate, our public sessions from the 17th of December are unable to allow customers to attend that have not been double vaccinated against COVID-19. 

A visual check of Vaccination certificates will be required before entering the studios. For any guests who are medically exempt, documentation will need to be shown at the door before entering the studio. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate this very tricky period.

Currently Paint Juicy is COVID compliant with capacity requirements as ordered by the Queensland Government;

If any Paint Juicy sessions or events are affected by a change in numbers, patrons will be advised as soon as we are aware of the needed change. If you are advised at any time that your event needs to be reduced or cancelled – where convenient you will be offered a reschedule or gift card.

In response to the recent COVID lockdowns, please see our below procedures that have been put in place at Paint Juicy:

Paint Juicy is a COVID Safe compliant environment – and you will need to follow our three step guide throughout our sessions:

1) Sanitise before entering

2) Sign in by scanning the QR square for the Check in QLD App

3) Stay seated throughout the session; in our COVID safe seating arrangement

You should NOT attend our Paint Juicy Studio if you:

  • Are feeling unwell 
  • Have a fever (37.5°C or higher) or symptoms of COVID-19;
  • Have in the last 14 days been identified as a close contact of a COVID-19 case;
  • Have in the last 14 days been in any of the locations listed on the self-isolate and get tested immediately page on the Government site, at the times and dates listed;
  • Have in the last 14 days been traveling from oversea’s or any of the current states under lockdown without quarantine.

Failure to adhere to our directives and our COVID Safe Plan will mean you will not be able to enter our sessions. 

I’ve bought tickets to a Paint Juicy Session, however I’m feeling unwell or have visited a hotspot. Can I reschedule?

If you purchased tickets for a session with Paint Juicy and are experiencing any of the above symptoms or have visited/travelled through any of the hot spot locations outlined on the Queensland Governments website. Please contact us via email or phone and we will transfer you to another session or provide you with a gift card.

How do we sanitise the Paint Juicy Studio?

At Paint Juicy, we thoroughly clean prior to and after each event/session with Vira-Clean. Viraclean® is a hospital-grade disinfectant intended for use on a wide range of surfaces which may be contaminated, better protecting people from the risk of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus cross infection.

*All surfaces, stools, brushes, bathrooms and more are sprayed with this cleaning product. It is important to note that we are just as concerned for your safety as we are our staff and are doing everything and more to avoid the transmission of this virus.

To date, we have had NO contact advice or tracing related to our Studio with a COVID Safe plan in place for our studio, including our strict cleaning regime.

Please respect our procedures and staff. We do not tolerate aggression toward our teams at all.

Have questions or want to know more, use this form and we will be in touch shortly!

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