Kid’s Birthday Party

The dreaded annual stress about what to do to make your kid’s birthday memorable is easily alleviated when you find Paint Juicy. Famously known for its adult paint and sip classes, before the sun goes down Paint Juicy welcomes youngsters into their pink paradise! For a hassle free and easy to manage private party for your littles, you’ve definitely found the right place.

Paint Juicy provides all the arty bits and bobs needed for your child to have a memorable time with their best pals and they can even bring home their masterpieces home afterwards. All mums and dads need to bring are the drinks and nibbles for the kiddies to snack on throughout the session. But if we’re honest, the littlest guests will be so preoccupied with putting paint to canvas that you’ll be forcing those party pies and sausage rolls onto their plates. Plus, unlike if you have their special day at home, all the cleaning up is done for you. That’s the biggest bonus, we know!

During a two hour session, a talented artist will guide the kids through one of the child-friendly artworks that the birthday celebrant can personally select (our personal favourite is Mr Packer). Parents can even stick around to watch the fun free of charge or if they want to take a seat and join in then they’re totally welcome to do that too! With a spacious studio featuring psychedelic lighting for you to decorate how you wish and a sound system for you to play your child’s favourite sound track on, it’ll surely be their best birthday yet! 

So for a fun, creative day for your kid’s next birthday party where they can get social and maybe even showcase their talents, there’s no place like Paint Juicy!

What is a kids birthday paint party?

A kid's birthday party is a private event where kids are invited to celebrate their birthday, have fun with friends, or just hang out. Children can learn how to paint a child-friendly artwork and socialise, as well as enjoy the company of others in a safe environment. They come out with beautiful artwork that they can take home at the end of the day. 

Come to a kids-friendly painting party with us at Paint Juicy because having fun while learning new things and spending time with friends and other children helps improve creativity and communication skills. It's also a way for artistic kids to explore their creative side and develop their talents.

What artworks are available for kid’s birthday parties?

Our incredible artists have put together a collection of child-friendly artworks such as a peacock, mermaid and alpaca. Upon request, we can send through the artworks available for your child to choose from for their session. 

What days and times are available for a kids birthday party? 

Private Kids Birthday Parties are available to book from Tuesday to Saturday for the below time slot:

  • 10 am-12 pm 

What is your minimum for a Private Kid's Birthday Party? 

We do require a minimum of 15 children for private kid’s paint parties with adult supervision. 

How long does a Kid's Birthday Party go for? 

Our private kids paint parties run for 2 hours.  

How much is a Kid's Birthday Party?  

Our private kid's paint parties are $55 per child, two adults must supervise the paint and sip session. Adults who are supervising do not need to pay. If you would like to participate with your child, you will need to pay for a ticket. 

Different studio locations have different food and drink requirements. Please ask our staff if the venue is BYO or not. 

What are the benefits of booking in for a private kids paint party at Paint Juicy? 

Leave it to us to hold your kid’s paint class because:

  • We have the artist to guide everyone in a fun and vibrant environment
  • We look after all of the art supplies and clean up afterwards
  • It is an all-inclusive safe space for all
  • Guardians can join in and get amongst the creativity or eat crunchy chips and snacks
  • Paint classes increase creativity and social skills in children by sharing and taking turns. 
  • You can spend time with your child while they're engaged in a creative activity

How do I book a private kids paint party? 

Enter your details below or give us a call on 1300 855 116 with your preferred time slot, day/date and the number of children and adults attending. Chat with you soon!

Contact Us today with any queries or to book now!


Our top reasons why you should consider a Kids Paint and Sip Party!

  • It's a bloomin' marvellous and whimsical way for kiddos to express themselves and dive headfirst into a world of vibrant colours and artistic adventures.
  • Who needs a boring old tea party when you can sip on imagination and create mini masterpieces with fellow pint-sized Picassos in a joyful and relaxed atmosphere?
  • Watch those little hands become painting pros as they develop ninja-like fine motor skills and coordination that'll put their older siblings to shame.
  • Forget about bland textbooks! A kids paint and sip party is a lively crash course in colour theory and composition that'll have them painting rainbows like magical wizards.
  • Give your kiddos a memory to cherish forever as they giggle, splash paint, and create whimsical wonders alongside their best buddies and cherished family members.
  • It's like a secret potion for laser-focused concentration! Let them unleash their inner artists and watch as their attention span skyrockets to superhero levels.
  • Put those screens to bed and invite your little ones to a screen-free extravaganza where they can unleash their creative beasts and dive into a tactile world of messy fun.
  • Join forces with your mini-me for a parent-child bonding bonanza where you can channel your inner Bob Ross and create masterpiece duos that'll make jaws drop.
  • It's like opening the doors to an enchanted art gallery! Let your kids journey through different art techniques and styles, discovering hidden talents and unleashing their inner art connoisseurs.
  • It's a secure and super fun environment where you can sit back and relax, knowing your little munchkins are having a blast and making magical memories.
  • Who needs another boring party when you can turn it up a notch with a splash of vibrant creativity that'll have the kiddos cheering for a paintbrush-wielding superhero?
  • No matter their age or skill level, a kids paint and sip party is a mesmerising and inclusive adventure that'll have everyone saying, "Wow, wee, look at what I've created!"
  • Watch as their little minds transform into curious sponges, soaking up art history and culture like never before. Who knows, your little one might just become the next mini Monet!
  • Boost their self-esteem to the moon and back as they proudly display their unique creations, exclaiming, "Look what I made!" Trust us, their smiles will light up the universe.
  • Let them escape the hustle and bustle of school life as they enter a magical sanctuary of brushes and colours, where the stress of the day melts away like magic.
  • Turn their special occasion into an unforgettable extravaganza, where their friends can join in the painting fiesta and take home personalised masterpieces as precious mementos.
  • Set their imaginations free as they journey through whimsical worlds and create fantastical scenes that exist only in their wildest dreams.
  • It's an adventure that will have them grinning from ear to ear, as they express their inner joy and unlock the boundless creativity that resides within each and every one of them.
  • Say goodbye to dull parties and hello to an explosion of laughter, giggles, and endless entertainment as the little ones embark on a colourful journey that will leave them spellbound.
  • A kids paint and sip party is a dazzling celebration where parents, grandparents, and siblings can join in on the fun, creating memories that will be treasured for a lifetime. It's a family affair that'll have everyone high-fiving their way to artistic glory!