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Paint Juicy Paint at Home Art Kit - Mr Packer

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For those who aren't able to make it to one of our studios, we have created your essentials art kit to use at home!

You will receive a range of brushes, acrylic paints, a paint palette and a canvas PLUS an instructional video that goes through the steps to create your masterpiece.

Select this kit to receive the Mr Packer instructional artwork video or live zoom.

Our price includes all the below and shipping. You can either choose from a home, work, PO BOX or Postal Locker address. We are all about convenience.

Our Paint at Home Art Kits are the perfect activity for a lazy afternoon or evening in with your favourite beverage and snacks of choice. Kick back, sip and watch the artwork come to life. Stop and start the video as you need to you can create your piece at your own pace.  

Your Paint Juicy Art Kit contains:

  • 4 Piece Mont Marte Gallery Series Acrylic Brush Set
  • Mont Marte Canvas 30.5cm x 40.6cm
  • 6 Piece Mont Marte Acrylic Primary Paint Set 50ml each
  • Mont Marte Round Plastic Palette 17cm
  • A unique link to a pre-recorded step-by-step video that outlines how to create the artwork of your choice or for groups, we offer a live Zoom.
  • This price includes shipping to your nominated address so no nasty shipping surprises here, baby!

Tips for at-home paint and sip:

  • Instead of using an easel, you can prop your canvas up on some books so that you aren’t bending over your artwork
  • To make your paint go further, make sure to add a little bit of water. It helps the paint go smoother on the canvas
  • Make sure you are set up in a way that keeps your back comfortable. A dining table or desk is usually set to the best height for this
  • Make sure to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on. We all try to avoid spills but unfortunately, they do occur

Details about what is included in your Paint Juicy Paint at Home Art Kit:

BrushesBeautiful Taklon brush set with sleek gunmetal grey wooden handles and black ferrules. Includes 1 x Round 6, 1 x Flat 5, 1 x Flat 9 and 1 x Bright 7 and are suitable for use with Mont Marte acrylic paints. Clean brush thoroughly immediately after use in warm soapy water and rinse well. Reshape bristles with fingers and allow to dry prior to storage.

Canvas - Acrylic titanium primed and ready to be painted on, these Panels are suited for use by students through to professionals. Acid-free, 3mm canvas wrapped board, sturdy construction, easily framed and suitable Mont Marte acrylic and oil paints. Not suitable to use with poster, gouache or watercolour paints.

Paints - These paints are a great go-to for your art and craft projects, featuring a smooth and creamy texture. Includes Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Brilliant Red, Ultramarine Blue, Sap Green, Lamp Black. Fast drying time allows you to layer paint quickly without muddying your colours. Dries to a semi-matte finish. Non-toxic and water-based for easy cleanup. Clean up with warm soapy water while the paint is wet.

Palette - This sturdy plastic palette consists of 10 small wells for mixing colour and 1 large central well for diluting paint. The small size is easy to handle. Suitable to use with Mont Marte acrylic paints, not suitable to use with oil paints.


We at Paint Juicy are known for our vibrant atmosphere. Our stage lighting and music is what sets us apart from other paint and sip providers in the market. Our  lighting can include mirror ball reflections, spot lights, flashing lights, LED wall washing lights that sometimes pulsate, lasers and more + often, our music is on the louder side.
We understand that some people may have sensitivity issues with flashing lights and sounds and we want to make sure we are aware of this prior to booking with us.
If you have sensitivity issues, please let us know prior to booking as our venue may not be suitable and we may be able to allocate a paint session where we limit the use of stage lighting and or loud music.
Of course, please reach out to us with any questions you may have.
Our team is ready to help you.
If you and your gang are looking to book a Gold Coast Paint and Sip Party together, Paint Juicy is your jam!
We do everything to make your paint and sip night special from the artwork to the playlist and everything in between.
Our Group or Party Paint and Sip Bookings are the perfect way to celebrate your loved ones birthday, throw a hens night or even for team building with colleagues.
Each group paint and sip booking is unique for each occasion and we are able to work in with your requirements. Booking a paint and sip session as a party is a unique way while having fun while bonding while having a cheeky few.
Our Group Paint and Sip Sessions are BYO and we also have platters available for pre-purchase along with packaged light snacks on the night. 
Ready for a fun night out? Drop us a line below
Private Paint and Sip Events
  • Priced at $65 per person for all sessions with a minimum of:
    • Minimum of 10 paid seats during the days of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday ending by 5pm
    • Minimum of 15 paid seats during the days Friday, Saturday or Sunday ending by 5pm
    • Minimum of 20 paid seats for any private event after 5pm every day
    • If you can't make the minimum, consider joining our open and general sessions. It is a great party vibe and you can still enjoy your party!
  • Contact our team directly on to book in advance
  • Maximum capacity 30 people at Burleigh Heads and 38 for Upper Coomera
  • Duration: 3 hours 
  • BYO bubbles, wine, beer, cider and nibbles - everything else is provided for you including ice buckets, food utensils and additional tables 
  • Choose one of our existing artworks to paint during the session
  • All ages are welcome at private events only unless adult entertainment is attending. Only those over 18 will be allowed to consume alcohol and must be accompanied by an adult
  • Entertainers such as Drag Queens or Nude Male Models will be charged at an additional cost, please contact us on for further information

    Booking Policy

    • Number of painters for Private Events can be changed (subject to a minimum), free of charge until 7 days prior to the event when final payment is due
    • Cancelling or rescheduling the Private Event, or withholding final payment, may result in loss of deposit
    • $200 deposit for Private Events is to be paid upon request with final payment made 7 days prior to the Private Event

    Private Event Times

    • Monday - Sunday 10am - 1pm | 1pm - 4pm | 2pm - 5pm or 6pm - 9pm
    • Start times can be modified, contact us for additional requests, we are more than happy to accomodate


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