Father's Day Paint and Sip

Planning a whole day with the best dad ever? Who says dads shouldn’t be spoiled on a day as special as this? Create a great memory together with your ol’ man to show them how much you love and appreciate them! So come by and celebrate with us for a Father’s Day Paint and Sip at Paint Juicy! It will surely be full of fun and laughter as you join us this incoming father’s day! 

Father’s day is a day to make your dad feel special and acknowledged. It’s also a chance to show them how much they matter to you, how glad you are to be able to have them as your father, and how much you appreciate them! So how can you celebrate them? There are so many things that you can do to show your appreciation towards your dad, may it be taking them out for dinner, drinks, and if you want to try something new, a Paint and Sip

Why is a Paint and Sip a great Father’s Day Gift? 

  1. It’s a great bonding activity! Imagine a great chill atmosphere, paints, paintbrushes, food and drinks, and great music! Who wouldn’t love to participate in a fun painting activity that has everything that you love? Bonding with your dad will surely be awesome!
  2. It can be a conversation starter! Strike up a conversation about the music, the food, the art, really about anything! Partaking in a Paint and Sip creates a great opportunity for you to have nice conversations with your dad, and sing along with our fun playlist, it surely won’t be boring! Maybe they would even surprise you and talk about their hobbies or interests that you didn’t even know about?
  3. It’s a great and relaxing activity! Spoil your dad with a paint and sip day out and let them relax as they paint along! Painting has been said to promote stress relief, and stimulate an optimistic attitude! So if your dad seems to be under a lot of stress, or focuses on work a lot, treat him to a day out with you to paint, it may be the “break” he’s been waiting for!
  4. A great day to make new memories! Make this one of your dad’s happiest father’s days by creating new memories with him along with maybe, a new hobby! They surely will never forget this awesome day spent with you when you show your appreciation through a great, and fun activity. This day will surely be unforgettable and be talked about for many years to come! Who would forget such a special day?
  5. Tap into your ol’ man’s hidden artist! The art world doesn’t discriminate, it is for everyone, regardless of age or gender. You may see your dad as strict, and a protector but a bonding moment with paintbrush and a glass of wine may show how you his artistic side. Who knows, you might be witnessing a maestro coming out of his shell!

So if you’re interested in treating your fav dad ever for this incoming Father’s Day, head on to our site to reserve your paint and sip tickets for our Father’s Day Special Celebration! We would love to see you there! 

Book your Father's Day paint and sip on either the Gold Coast or Brisbane.