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NSW Paint and Sip

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      Introducing Paint Juicy's NSW North Coast Adventure: Paint and Sip Hits Newcastle, Taree, Port Macquarie, Kempsey, and Coffs Harbour!

      Get ready, Hunter Region and Mid North Coast – the paintbrushes are out, and the creativity is flowing as Paint Juicy's Paint and Sip experience comes to town! From the vibrant streets of Taree to the coastal charms of Port Macquarie, Kempsey's artistic heart, and the sun-soaked vibes of Coffs Harbour, we're bringing the party to your doorstep!

      Picture this: you're in Taree, nestled along the picturesque Manning River, or perhaps you're soaking up the coastal beauty of Port Macquarie. Maybe you find yourself amidst the creative energy of Kempsey or catching those rays on the stunning beaches of Coffs Harbour. Wherever you are on the Mid North Coast, Paint Juicy is ready to sprinkle a little artistic magic into your world.

      At Paint Juicy, we're all about turning everyday moments into unforgettable memories. Our Paint and Sip experience isn't just about art; it's about the joy of creation, the thrill of friendship, and the excitement of trying something new. And we're bringing this unforgettable experience to Newcastle, Taree, Port Macquarie, Kempsey, and Coffs Harbour.

      As you step into our lively studios, the buzz of excitement is palpable. The stage lights set the mood, the music sets the rhythm, and the paint sets the canvas on fire. With each brushstroke, you'll be embracing your inner artist and laughing with friends old and new.

      No matter if you're a pro with a palette or picking up a brush for the first time, our sessions are designed to be fun, engaging, and inclusive for everyone. Paint Juicy welcomes you to unleash your creativity, let loose, and take home your own masterpiece at the end of the day.

      Our talented instructors are like creative beacons, guiding you through the artistic process with a mix of expertise and enthusiasm. And don't worry about supplies – we've got you covered. Easels, paints, aprons – it's all there waiting for you.

      But the best part? It's not just about the art – it's about the experience. It's about that unforgettable moment when you're surrounded by friends, music, and laughter, and you realize that you're creating something special.

      So, whether you're a Taree local looking for a new adventure, a Port Macquarie visitor craving a unique experience, a Kempsey artist at heart, or a beach lover in Coffs Harbour, Paint Juicy's coming to a town near you! Join us and become a part of the NSW North Coast's most vibrant and creative community.

      Are you ready to dip your brush into the fun? Book your spot now and let the Paint Juicy magic sweep you away on a colourful journey across the Mid North Coast.

      If you have any questions, please let us know via the contact form below

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