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A wonderfully successful team is the key to a powerhouse business. By combining a variety of epic personalities, clear communication, winning dynamics and desirable team objectives you can achieve many epic things. If you’re looking for a sweet way to nurture your team into superstars and strengthen those relationships, you’re going to want to try a Paint and Sip Team Building session. Continue reading to for some super benefits: 

One of the best ways to mobilise collaboration in a group is by doing a fun activity that enriches knowledge and engages everyone in a memorable experience.


Everyone’s Got a Space to Create

No matter the size of the team, there’s a space for each team member to paint and sip. A space so pink and epic filled with mirror balls and throwback tunes, it’s the perfects pace for a fun collaborative experience with your team. The activity provides members with an opportunity to take a breath of fresh air and step out of their comfort zones into a world of creativity. In addition, Paint Juicy encourages all to stress less about the painting itself and instead enjoy the experience. 


Customisable Work Party Paint and Sip Sessions

When you book a paint and sip sesh with Juicy as a team building sesh, you’re free to decorate the studio while having the opportunity to bring along your fave sips and snacks ~ charcuterie platter anyone? Select a painting option for the team, whether it’s a regular art piece or a custom mural creation for your office filled with your teams vision and core values, then get to splashing paint to canvas!

Want a theme? You can do absolutely do this. Get everyone to wear a bit of 90s grunge, or 80s fluro, maybe some y2k mismatch? We vibe and will play the tunes to match. Pick a bonding activity like a Show and Tell or Celebrity Heads and watch everyone become closer. 


An Opportunity to Unleash Your Creativity

With our Team Building sessions, our wish is to provide you with some skills to enhancing relationships between one another or to further improve them. Painting can be a real creative avenue to solve problems together in innovative ways. 

Painting requires thinking outside the box, using imagination, and expressing ones thoughts through art. Watch each person up-skill their creative selves and confidence skyrocket as they get in touch with their creative side with the help of our talented in-house artists. 


A Memorable Team Building Experience

As a social gathering, painting and sipping together creates lasting memories for you team. This opportunity presents itself as a chance to encourage trust and camaraderie. Get to know each other on a deeper level and build that bond. Yeehaw! 

Cultivating fun in a stunning mirrorball-esque environment is truly the most worth while opportunity. The company, a glass of your fave sip, sick beats = A dandy time for a Team Building sesh. Who knows? You may have some hidden Picasso’s amongst yourselves. 

Are you in? Get in touch with us for further information and or to make a booking to our Paint and Sip Team Building Sessions!

Private Paint and Sip Events

Priced at $65 per person for all sessions with a minimum of:

Minimum of 10 paid seats during the days of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday ending by 5pm

Minimum of 15 paid seats during the days Friday, Saturday or Sunday ending by 5pm

Minimum of 20 paid seats for any private event after 5pm every day

If you can't make the minimum, consider joining our open and general sessions. It is a great party vibe and you can still enjoy your party!

Contact our team directly on to book in advance

Maximum capacity 34 people at Burleigh Heads and 38 for Upper Coomera. Duration: 3 hours BYO bubbles, wine, beer, cider and nibbles - everything else is provided for you including ice buckets, food utensils and additional tables Choose one of our existing artworks to paint during the session. All ages are welcome at private events only unless adult entertainment is attending. Only those over 18 will be allowed to consume alcohol and must be accompanied by an adult.

Entertainers such as Drag Queens or Nude Male Models will be charged at an additional cost, please contact us below for further information

Booking Policy

Number of painters for Private Events can be changed (subject to a minimum), free of charge until 7 days prior to the event when final payment is due. Cancelling or rescheduling the Private Event, or withholding final payment, may result in loss of deposit. $200 deposit for Private Events is to be paid upon request with final payment made 7 days prior to the Private Event.

Private Event Times

Monday - Sunday 10am - 1pm | 1pm - 4pm | 2pm - 5pm or 6pm - 9pm. Start times can be modified, contact us for additional requests, we are more than happy to accomodate.

Painting and Sipping Work Party

great bonding experience

A few bevs with the work family, painting and laughing helps everyone connect in a relaxed but upbeat environment.

Paint and Sip Work Party

It's a Paint Party just for you

The emphasis is placed on the fun at all Paint Juicy events. No fine art knowledge needed.

Team Building Ideas

achieve a common goal

Art is a great way to get everyone involved, no matter the skill-level to achieve the same goal, but just more fun!

Contact us for further info or to make a work party booking!

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