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Paint Your Pet


      What is a Paint Your Pet?

      Paint your Pet Classes is an opportunity for you to get creative, expressive and social using images of your four-legged friend while painting them onto canvas. It's also an experience that can be priceless. You create beautiful portraits of your pet and capture memories of times spent together during this special event.

      Why is a Paint Your Pet Class so much fun?

      Painting creates happy relaxed moments which are enjoyed by all ages. What we paint, we paint to be happy and upbeat. Painting has the unique ability to take you away from your busy life and worries and lets you relax and unwind. Paint Juicy is always about fun and our Paint Your Pet Painting Classes. Our in-house artists will guide you step by step in painting your pooch or kitty cat.

      What Is The Paint Your Pet Process?

      At least, we ask you to take a photo of your pet that is relatively close up so we can see their gorgeous features. The photo needs to be well-lit and clear. We need to receive these photos at minimum a week beforehand so we can pre-sketch your furry friend onto the canvasses before class.

      Unlike our normal classes where we all paint the same subject, we sketch your animal onto the canvas because our little friends are all unique and different. The process of painting is similar for each person but obviously, you will have different outcomes. We use basic shapes to create a face and or body so everyone will be taken through each step easily. We provide the painting materials, you bring your favourite drink and walk away beloved fur baby on canvas.

      Simple instructions are given by our professional artist who will guide you every step of the way through this special paint your pet event.

      You will go home with your own finished artwork and feel so very proud!

      Where can I Paint My Pet on the Gold Coast?

      There are Paint Your Pet Classes available across Australia but while on the Gold Coast, we think you should come along to visit us at Paint Juicy! We are all about good times, fun vibes and great music and have studios in Burleigh Heads and Upper Coomera.

      Get in touch with us to book your paint your pet session!

      If you have any questions, please let us know via the contact form below

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