Fun Paint Party Ideas

So an event is coming up - it may be your or your loved one's birthday, a bachelorette party, or simply a night out that has been long overdue. It can be a challenge to up a party idea, a theme that hasn't been overused and a general idea of how to entertain everyone for a good period of time. With all the options that you have, there might be one that you haven't considered before - a painting party!

The paint party idea sounds interesting, right?

Well, it's because it is. It's great for a baby shower and also one of the best girls' night party ideas there is. You can have a fun and memorable experience when you do a paint party. And the best part is, you can have any paint party theme you want. To help you out, here are some paint party ideas you should try: 


Paint and Sip Paint Paint Party

Paint and sip parties or "paint and pour, "as some call it, are pretty trendy these days. Why wouldn't it be? Imagine getting a blank canvas, paint brushes and all the acrylics you need to finally make your masterpiece. Add to that bottles of your favourite wine, and you're set for a night of fun. You won't even need to have elaborate decor, and for food, you can stick with a charcuterie board and other finger foods that go well with wine. The perfect idea for a paint birthday party or even visit a Paint Juicy!


Splatter Paint Party

If it's going to be for your teen or pre-teen and their friends, a splatter paint party is a good idea. You can set up a giant canvas or a drywall panel that you can put up in your yard, or you can opt for smaller canvases on easels if you think they'd like to take home their paintings. Have buckets ready for the paint, as well as cups and balloons that you can fill with paint. The guests will have fun throwing small buckets of paint or throwing darts to burst balloons. You can even make it a contest and give the winner a prize. 

Prepare with plenty of party decorations and maybe even let the kids help decorate as well.

You won't need dishes that are too complicated to prepare. In fact, pizzas and fries can do the trick for this kind of party. It's the perfect child's art party! Don't forget to create little party favours for the party guests too.


Fundraising Paint Party

Paint parties are not only good for a night or an afternoon of messy fun. It can also be a sophisticated event. For example, if you plan a fundraising event for a cause that you believe in, you can invite upcoming local artists. Afterwards, there can be bidding for the pieces they've made, and the proceeds can go to the organisation you want to support. It's a good idea to hold such an event at an art museum or a large hall. If you can find willing artists, perhaps they can offer one-on-one lessons with donors who want to learn the basics. This could bring in higher donations, too. 


Edible Paint Party for a Baby Shower

Another great idea to try, this time for a baby shower, is to have guests do some edible painting with cakes, pancakes, cupcakes, or cookies. As an extra activity, you can have a onesie and bib painting station so your family and friends can customise clothes for your little one coming soon!

These are just some of the best paint parties that you can try for your next occasion. A paint and sip party is perfect for a bachelorette party or a simple get-together with your girlfriends. A splatter painting party is great for kids and teens who enjoy unleashing their creative juices. You can even hold an edible painting baby shower or a fundraising paint party for your organisation. Whichever one you choose, it's going to be a fun event!