Improve Your Painting Skills With These Tips

Many people who want to be painters usually don't know where to start or can't seem to find the time to do so. After all, it's easier said than done to figure out what supplies you'll need, develop ideas for what to paint, improve your painting skills, and make time for a new hobby. 

If you need a few pointers to assist you in beginning your new painting journey, read on for a few simple tips:


Begin With a Few Paint Supplies

If you're new to painting, keep your supplies to a minimum and work on small projects. This will prevent you from spending money on things you may not even need, but it also eases your approach to introducing yourself to painting. 

Begin with two to four various sizes and kinds of paintbrushes and four to six paint colours. Before painting on actual canvases, try out a canvas pad instead. A huge blank canvas can seem very intimidating, and a canvas pad is typically less so since it has a more casual feel.


Make Painting A Habit 

You won't be able to be a better painter if you put the art of painting on the back burner until "whenever I get time." Reassess your schedule to determine the shortest amount of time you can devote to painting each day. Every night, thirty minutes after dinner? Forty-five minutes after you arrive home from work? 

Dedicate time to paint every day, even if you can only squeeze in fifteen minutes before breakfast. After all, the only way to improve a skill is by being consistent and practising as much as you can.  


Experiment with Different Mediums 

This is especially useful to keep practising your painting skills on days when you're away from home or otherwise unable to use your paints. Carry a sketchbook and use a pencil, coloured pencils, or charcoal to work on your shading and composition. Drawing skills help you become a better artist overall.

The lessons you gain in one medium will benefit you in the others. Changing up your medium from time to time is also a fantastic method to get through painter's block.


Avoid Stressing Yourself Out & Don't Rush

Don't rush the process of being familiar with how painting works, deciding which brush techniques you prefer, and learning how to combine colours. At this time, your primary purpose is to understand the fundamentals. 

Paint anything you may think about, whether it be an abstract, a solid-coloured block, a cardboard box—basically anything under the sun! 

Sure, you'll create some awful pieces and make a lot of mistakes along the way, but accept the ugly aspects of life. When you embark on painting classes, you'll be glad you learned these principles. This isn't to imply you shouldn't try to paint detailed landscapes, starry nights, or portraits; you should. The emphasis, however, should be on the learning process rather than the final outcome.


Try Paint and Sip Classes in Brisbane

Don't worry if you haven't mastered painting yet, as you're always welcome to try our paint and sip classes in Brisbane! Once you're comfortable with a brush and have a basic understanding of how to paint, you'll notice a lot more intricacies in your instructor's approach that you may apply to your own. Of course, the wine is a plus to help spark some inspiration.  

Painting is a fun way to unleash your creativity and express your thoughts. If you'd love to learn painting, make sure to look for classes near you that offer medium variation to showcase your artistic vision.