Reasons Why Paint and Sip Classes are Awesome

Have you heard about paint and sip classes from someone? Or you’re already familiar but haven’t had the chance to try it? Well, now is the time! Did you know that paint and sip classes have long been popular on the Gold Coast and Brisbane over the past few years? Almost everyone is talking about it because it unleashes their creativity they didn’t know they had while enjoying a glass of wine in hand.

If you’re curious about paint and sip classes, check out these reasons why it’s worth the hype. After you’ve learned these, you will definitely head on to some paint and sip classes here at Paint Juicy.

Let’s get to it!

It's a Perfect Bonding and Catch-Up Activity with Friends 

Your bonding and catch-up moments with your friends whom you haven’t seen in a while will never be boring with paint and sip classes! You can be wild with your drawings while hearing the best music to allow you to get the creative juices flowing. Best of all, you and your friends can raise a glass to friendship while enjoying making your masterpiece. 

You Can Celebrate a Special Moment Creatively

If you want to do away with the usual dinner to celebrate a special occasion, paint and sip classes are just perfect as an alternative! Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, throwing a bachelorette party for a friend or planning a themed party, just book a paint and sip class, get creative and have fun with the guests. 

You Can Be Creative While Sipping Your Favourite Drink

Paint and sip classes are so ideal if you’re a painter yourself because you can paint as you sip one of your favourite drinks. However, no Picasso talents are required because you can still create something to the best of your ability while drinking your favourite beverage, whether wine, champagne, cider or beer!

You Can Lighten up and De-Stress

If you’re overwhelmed with the things happening around you, do some paint and sip classes and release your frustrations, tensions and stress through your paintings and a glass of wine. Painting can be a great way to cope with your stress because it’s a focused activity that can make you forget about the things you’re worrying about. 

Taking a break from your everyday life through a paint and sip class can help you get back on track with more energy and courage. 

It's a Chance to Meet New People

Some paint and sip classes have a setup where people will have to sit in rows. So, there’s a higher chance that you will end up sitting next to someone you don’t know, especially if you went alone. It’s a perfect opportunity to make new friends outside your circle. Who knows? You guys may end up taking the paint and sip class every week together because it’s just fun! 

Find a new place to unwind and take paint and sip classes as your top choice! If you still haven’t tried it, just take a look at the beauty that you will miss out on if you don’t give paint and sip classes a chance. You should try it now so you can experience what we are talking about. Don’t worry because you will genuinely enjoy the experience, and it’s definitely worth trying, so call your friends and head on to Paint Juicy now! 


Paint Juicy offers paint and sip classes in Brisbane and all across the Gold Coast. We make our paint and sip sessions fun and vibrant with music, Drag Queens and actual paintings that you can take home with you! We will also provide an artist that will work with you to create your own masterpiece. Schedule your session with us today!