Reasons You Will Love A Paint And Sip Class

Regardless of skill level, people will always want to indulge themselves in art. Whether for basket crafting, sculpting, or painting, you do not need to go far to find someone who is more than willing to invest a few hours of their time to sit, roll up their sleeves, and be lost in the moment of creating. 

Indeed, art has its way of connecting with people through its many evolutions, much so that a new trend has been making headlines —paint and sip. 

Paint and sip classes are somewhat of a niche activity, meaning that they aren’t as mainstream as the other hobbies that you may experience today. However, just because a selected few only enjoy them doesn’t mean that you can’t get in on the fun as well. 

It is recommended for everyone to try it out even once in their life. It offers various perks that everyone can enjoy, and it is also non-restrictive, often giving hours of fun to people of all ages and genders. 

If you’re still not convinced about trying it out, look no further than the following benefits that paint and sips have to offer.


You Will Be Able to Meet Fellow Art Enthusiasts

Have you ever heard of the saying “the more, the merrier?” If you and your friends enjoy yourselves during a single session, wait ‘til you meet the other groups of people who have the same interest. 

The thing about paint and sip classes is that they attract a lot of participants. Most of them are new, while some are experienced artists. If you happen to belong to the latter, no worries, as you will be able to meet them during one of your sessions. You may get to share stories and painting tips and even schedule another lesson moving forward.


You Will Be Able to Hone Your Painting Skills

It is all a matter of improving your skill sets. While you may boast of having proficiency in the art of painting, the truth is that the lesson never stops, and there will always be new techniques that you may not have even heard of before. 

Participate in a single session, and you may pick up a couple of methods that may improve your skills, surpassing what you already know. The best thing about this is that since you aren’t going alone, you may learn with your friends and help each other with the proper strokes and colours.


You Will Experience a Few Hours of Fun and Relaxation

If you’re going through heavy stress, participating in a sip and paint session will keep work off your mind, even for a few hours. 

The sessions aren’t all about learning how to paint, but rather, it focuses on the fun aspect of art. Some paint and sip studios - like us at Paint Juicy even offer a special nude painting sessions, perfect for those days when you need a moment of clarity and heavy distraction from reality... you cheeky devil!

Paint and sip classes are a fun experience to have with your friends and colleagues. While they only last for a few hours at a time, they are designed to be a time of relaxation and learning, complete with a few glasses of your favourite beverages. If you want to meet fellow artists, hone your skills, and let go of your stress from the recent weeks, feel free to sign up for a session and have an unforgettable painting activity.

There are so many great reasons you will love a paint and sip class.

If you want to experience paint and sip classes in Brisbane, look no further than our lessons here at Paint Juicy. We have plenty of upcoming sessions that are sure to be fun and unforgettable. Book with us now!