Tips For Finding Your Painting Style

Creative expression is one of the best ways to keep in touch with yourself, whether it’s through dancing, making something with your hands, or paint. If you’ve been thinking of exploring paint as a way to dive deep into yourself, you’ll probably want to establish your painting style and start from there. Your own artistic style is a personal journey and is part of the creative process.

However, people don’t always figure out the painting style that best suits them right away. In fact, most artists are still discovering themselves! The journey to finding your personal style can be a long artistic journey, as you’ll be exploring different methods that will speak to different parts of you.

Here are three tips for finding your painting style and artistic voice:


Check Other Artists’ Work

Every artist wants to be original, but it’s hard to start painting when you don’t know what you could produce. That’s why other artists from all disciplines look to each other for inspiration, especially the greats that came before them. Looking at other people’s work and seeing their artistic styles can give you ideas that you could incorporate into your paintings, introducing you to techniques that will unlock new styles for you. Attending painting classes near you could also give you the inspiration you need to develop your own style—it won’t hurt to take a few elements from the artists you see when you’re starting and discovering your artistic talents. It is after all, about creating art!

You could also check online for paintings with a composition or colour palette that interests you the most. You can try replicating one of the paintings and adding your own flair to it, helping you determine the elements you love working with and the others you prefer leaving out of your work.


Own Artistic Style

Practice is the key to mastering anything. It may seem like clichéd advice, but you won’t unearth your painting style without endlessly practising painting. If you don’t try new things, improve your skills, or nail how you capture a specific aspect, you’ll have a much harder time finding your painting and unique artistic style.

One way to keep yourself motivated enough to practice often is to participate in monthly creative challenges, where you’ll create a piece of art every day for the month. While making a painting each day is tough, it will force you to explore various styles, even when you’re facing a giant creative block. Other days, when you feel completely uninspired, the challenge can force you to just ‘do it’ and be surprised with what comes out on your canvas. You may not love everything you come up with, but it will help you see new horizons that could widen your current world of painting. Release all expectations and the need to create something perfect—when you allow yourself to make mistakes, that’s when your inner artist shines!


Keep Your Mind Open, It Is Your Own Art Style

Lastly, painting is a lifelong journey, so you’ll want to be open to new techniques and experimentation. You may be tempted to stick strictly to specific rules, like never mixing orange and purple, but the truth is that everything is fair game in painting. You could combine two forbidden colours to create a unique tone that adds more depth and emotion to your landscape. Explore your desire to try new things, like a brand new brush, a tempo with your stroke you’ve never tried before, or an unheard-of technique to dig deep and discover what your painting style is.

Discovering your painting style involves a lot of experimentation, so it’s essential to keep an open mind and approach it as an exciting journey where you’ll find out different parts of yourself. As you go through various events, experiences, motivations, moods, and circumstances, your painting style will change accordingly. With these three tips, you won’t have a problem figuring out your painting style!

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