Guide to Pairing Wine and Indian Cuisine

Take your fav Indian Cuisines to the next level by finding the best wine pairings for each one with this Guide on how to Pair Wine and Indian Cuisine! 

You may think that it’s difficult to pair your beloved Indian dishes with wine, but it really isn’t! Here are some of the best wine pairings along with some dishes that you may love.

Beef Vindaloo

Spicy, Spicy, Spicy! Beef Vindaloo is definitely one of the spicier dishes! If you loooovveeee this spicy dish as we do,  then it’s definitely best to pair it with a wine that isn’t bitter! The tannins in the wine will create an awful taste along with the spicy dish. So instead, go for sweeter and more fragrant wines like Rosé, Merlot, and Barbera. 

Fish Curry

Fish curry is that type of dish with fragrant and wonderfully textured fish! Create a congruent pairing to let the fragrance of the dish become more enhanced.

Saag Paneer

With this wonderful vegetarian dish that’s made with spinach, cottage cheese, and mild spices, pairing something light and aromatic dry would be the very best choice! We suggest pairing it with Sauvignon Blanc/SSB blends, Pinot Gris, Pinot Grigio, or Arneis.

Tandoori Chicken 

This dish is very smoky in flavour and often aromatic because of all the yummy spices! When it comes to pairing with wine, since it has that smoky flavour but is still white meat, a light to medium red will easily be one of its best pairs! But if you prefer matching your chicken with a glass of white wine, Riesling can be one of the options you can opt for! We suggest pairing it with either Pinot Noir, Grenache, or Nero D’Avola.

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is one of the top favourites in Indian Cuisine because of its creaminess, richness, and flavour! The best pairing for butter chicken would be one that is medium and acidic to break out the fats! We recommend pairing with Chardonnay, aged Riesling, or Semillon. 

In conclusion, when pairing Indian Cuisine with wine, it’s best to pair these flavourful dishes with wines that have fewer tannins! We want to accentuate the taste of the food and wine at the same time without having that bitter aftertaste, as well as accentuate the spiciness in deep reds. Creating a great pair is also up to your taste buds so don’t be afraid to have little experiments with your food! 

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