Guide To Pairing Wine with Burgers

Burgers? Yes. Burgers AND Wine? Yes Please!! If you’re thinking about getting take-out or maybe a fun backyard barbie, we have a guide on how to pair it with a great glass (or bottle) of wine! So the next time you plan on getting your favourite burger, go get it! You deserve that burger and you know it. 

Let's start with little bit of history about hamburgers:

Centuries before the famous Macca’s, Romans feasted on sumptuous wine-infused patties, so claimed by Apicius, an ancient recipe book.

In Mesopotamia, 10,000 years ago, cattle/cows were domesticated and the foundation of ground-beef sandwiches was set.

And then Hamburg, Germany grew as an independent trading city, this is when beef delicacies became popular in the 12th century.

Now in the 21st century, there’s no roundabout, road, or suburb where you can’t find a burger place, there are different offerings from smallest to biggest, sweet to spicy, pan fried or grilled, with cheese or none, mayo or mustard, and even different versions per country and from the wide range of ethnic groups all over the world.

The Classic Cheeseburger

Who doesn’t looove this classic burger? The juicy beef patty with the salty, savoury cheese and wonderful sauce is best paired with a glass of wine that’s light to medium weight reds and acidity to break down the fat! The best to pair a yummy cheeseburger with is Pinot Noir, Nero d’Avola, or Grenache.

Lamb Burgers

Often made with tzatziki and onion jam, this mouth-watering burger inspired by Mediterranean cuisine is surely one of those best enjoyed with a Cabernet! Other options to pair a great lamb burger with are Tempranillo or Sangiovese. 

Satay Chicken Burger with Asian Slaw

This burger surely packs a punch of flavorful herbs and spices! This juicy burger influenced with an Asian twist is a burger you wouldn’t want to miss! The best wine to drink along with this burger is a Chardonnay, Verdelho, or Fiano!

Spicy Rare Tuna Burger 

Fresh tasting tuna burger that gives you the ocean feels? This Japanese-inspired burger that’s best enjoyed with a fresh acidic yet aromatic wine which will balance out the flavour of the fish while still bringing out the freshness of the tuna.

Potato and Bean Veggie Burgers

Any Veggie lovers out there? Well if you are one then you would love these pairings! These burgers are super healthy, and extra flavourful. Often made with fresh ingredients, these burgers will surely satisfy you without feeling that guilt afterward! To get the best of these wonderful veg burgers try pairing them with Rosè, Sauvignon Blanc, or Vermentino.

It’s not usual to pair a good burger with wine! Often times people opt for pairing it with a tall glass of beer. But if you feel a little bit fancier or sophisticated, or maybe you’re celebrating a little bit then go on ahead and bring that bottle out! We hope this guide has been helpful for you to find the perfect pairing!

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