How Long Do Wines Last Once Opened?

We all love a fresh bottle of wine, may it be for me-time or for a little gathering! If you’re having a celebration that includes bottles of wine on the list, then you must wonder “what if there are leftovers of wine?” Or maybe you’re home alone and having a few glasses of wine and wonder the same thing. “How long will my opened bottle stay fresh?” These are questions that we will be answering below! If you love wine as much as we do, then you should know how long an opened bottle of wine will last when re-corked or resealed. 

How Long Does Red Wine Last Once Opened?

Red wines are actually one of those wines that can last longer compared to the other categories of wine! If stored in a cool, dark place or a fridge, red wines can last for about four days! Because of the number of tannins in red wine, they tend to last way longer once they are opened. Even late harvest red wines can stay fresh for around the same time!

How Log Do Lighter White Wines Last Once Opened?

Lighter-weight wines tend to lose their fruity characters when stored over time, lighter white wines should be stored in the fridge with a screw cap or stopper, this will help keep the flavours all sealed up without letting the air oxidise them. These wines usually stay fresh for up to two days, but when it goes past that the flavours might fade away.  

How Long Do Fuller-Bodied White Wines and Rosé Last Once Opened?

Fuller-bodied white wines and rosé, when you seal it well with a screw cap, cork, or stopper plus store it in the fridge, it will stay fresh for up to three days! A lot of white wines oxidise more quickly because of the amount of oxygen exposure they get, so be mindful of this when getting a bottle of white or Rosé.

How Long Do Sparkling Wines Last Once Opened?

Once a bottle of Champagne, Prosecco, Sparkling Whites, and Sparkling Reds is opened, they quickly lose the carbonation that’s been infused in the bottle! If you’re still planning to store them, use a wine stopper but it can only be stored for no more than two days! The reason is, because of the carbonation similar to soda, the wine will get stale and the fizz will be gone! The flavours may also become less fruity and sweet because of the oxidation. 

Storing opened wine shouldn’t be that difficult, but make sure you consume it within the suggested time frames we gave! We don’t want you to be drinking wines that have compromised flavours! So the next time you open a brand new bottle of wine, make sure you took notes from us,  and remember how long it will last after opening!