Sparkling Wines, What Are The Differences?

Champagne, Sparkling Wine, and Prosecco. What are their differences?

These varieties of wine have infused fizz in them which makes for such an exciting drink! Whether it’s for a celebration or just a fun little night out, these are surely the go-tos we all love having! Not only are these beautiful drinks great for celebrations, but they also come with heaps of health benefits as well! It’s great for your gut, your heart, and your skin! (but in moderation of course!)


Champagne is often tagged as “the FANCY drink”, They are usually the go-to when it comes to celebrating! May it be at parties, weddings, anniversaries, New Year’s, champagne is the ideal drink to get everyone hyped up! Imagine, once the hosts pop that champagne bottle, and everyone’s face just instantly lights up from the sound!

Here’s a little history on this party favourite: It all began during the 5th century when the Romans planted vineyards in the Northeast of France! The name “Champagne” used to be a generic term to call all kinds of sparkling wine. So in more recent years the European Union actually wanted to regulate the use of their wine labels so no other productions worldwide can’t use the names Port, Sherry, and Champagne. 

Sparkling Wine

In Australia, we also produce our very own Aussie bubbly! The only difference with French Winemakers is that it’s produced in Australia, and the price tag won’t make your eyes pop out of their sockets! But when it comes to the quality of the wine and the exciting fuzzy feelings found in a glass of champagne, it is just as awesome! Fun Fact: Did you know that Aussies drink more Champagne per capita than any other nationality outside Europe? We sure do love our fizzy drinks! 

Sparkling Whites

Sparkling Wine is created in cooler-climate regions in Australia such as the Yarra Valley, Macedon Ranges, and Tasmania to craft the beautiful bubbly goodness we all love! Sparkling White Wine is often made with Chardonnay Grapes which creates this medium-bodied and dry bubbly with a kiss of fruit flavours! 

Josef Chromy Sparkling NV

Josef Chromy himself started from a dream, which has blossomed into something much greater! Josef Chromy Wines is one of the best-known premium winemakers in Tasmania! They are recognised as committed to quality wine distribution! Josef Chromy has set the bar as his creation of wines has given him numerous international trophies and medals! They’re just that great!

Sparkling Reds

One of the most famous sparkling red varieties in Australia by far is Shiraz! But some are also soaring through fame like Merlot, Durif, and Cabernet Sauvignon. These sparkling reds are very ripe and juicy with fruity notes that give them just the right amount of sweetness! Sparkling Reds are great when served chill, straight from the fridge! Which is the complete opposite of traditional reds!


Prosecco, coming from Italy, has been tagged as a sparkling wine that is close to taking champagne’s crown! Prosecco takes its name from a village in northern Italy and is made from the Glera grape. The wine is fermented and bottled under pressure which results in lower alcohol, but compensates with its fruity flavours and acidity! Prosecco has notes of flavours such as white peach, pear, and citrus, and there are also a few hints of jasmine and pistachio nut! So Yum! 

What really is the difference between sparkling wines?

The main difference between Champagne and Sparkling Wine is their origin and name. But in quality and taste? They’re very much comparable! Champagne is still hugely prominent as its name is well known all over the world as a celebratory drink, Prosecco on the other hand is created by using different methods and is for light drinking compared to the other two. 

So whether you prefer the one over the other, the three possess quality, great experience, and taste. So in your next celebration, pop that bottle (or bottles!) of bubbly and enjoy a glass or two with your mates!