Fun Activities For a Kids Birthday

If your kids birthday is coming up, we have got these fun activities ready for their special day!

For the scavenger hunt, create a series of clues that lead the kids on a fun adventure around the party area. You can make the clues riddles, puzzles, or even hidden objects that the kids need to find. For example, in a pirate-themed scavenger hunt, the first clue could be a treasure map that leads to a hidden chest full of gold coins.

At the DIY craft station, provide a variety of materials and instructions for kids to create their own party favors or decorations. This could be something as simple as colouring pages and markers, or as elaborate as a make-your-own-bracelet station. You can even create a theme for the crafts, such as a unicorn or superhero theme.

For the photo booth, set up a fun background and provide a variety of props for the kids to use in their pictures. You could have fake mustaches, hats, and glasses, or even a fun prop like a treasure chest or pirate's hook. The kids can have a blast dressing up and taking silly pictures with their friends.

At the dance party, play a mix of fun, upbeat music that kids can dance to. You can even create a playlist ahead of time with the birthday child's favourite songs. For the dance competition, have a panel of judges who will award prizes for the best dance moves.

For the movie night, choose a fun and age-appropriate movie that the kids will enjoy. Set up a popcorn bar with a variety of toppings, such as butter, salt, cheese, and caramel. Let the kids make their own popcorn and enjoy it while watching the movie.

A kids birthday party should be full of fun and excitement. With these creative ideas, the kids will have a blast and create lasting memories of the special day. To make the party extra special, include the birthday child in the planning and let them have a say in what activities and games are included. Don't forget about our fab kids birthday painting party!