Boxing Day Sales

When Christmas is nearing, decorations are being put up, gifts are being wrapped. It's the holidays once more, and you know what that means, sales, sales, and even more SALES! But there will always be one particular sale that’s very exciting to us all, and that’s Boxing Day Sales!

If you’re planning to participate in Boxing Day Sales, here are some facts, plus some tips and tricks about the special day after Christmas. 

What is Boxing Day?

Well in various countries that were settled in by the British Commonwealth, boxing day is a very special day right after Christmas that was celebrated, due to servants of rich families who worked on Christmas day, and were given the day off the next day called Boxing Day. So to commemorate the past, it is now celebrated as a day after Christmas Sale for everyone to participate in.  

Did you know this about Boxing Day? 

Boxing Day is now celebrated in different parts of the world? Not only is it celebrated in the U.K, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, but also now in countries such as Austria,, Germany, Greenland, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Kenya, Norway, Romania, Sweden, and Switzerland. These countries nowadays conduct all kinds of after Christmas sales for everyone who’s interested in saving lots for late presents.

Should I stay online during Boxing Day Sales?

We all know it’s a huge hassle to come out into the shops right after Christmas, so it would be best to shop online! Boxing Day Sales are widely available online so do not fret! You will still get that present you’ve been eyeing for! 

Top 3 Tips to Stress-Free Boxing Day Sales Shopping

  1. Make your list and check it twice. The best way to do it is write it down on a piece of paper and post it on your fridge. 
  2. Stay updated on your favourite stores' Boxing Day Sale, may it be in-store or online.
  3. Shop at a B-Corp certified companies, you not only get discounts from them. You are also helping the businesses that strive to be transparent about their environmental impacts, improve all operations and keep this world in a better condition than we have found.

What would be the best items to focus on?

If you’re looking to invest in electronics that will surely help you out in your daily life, it’s best to prepare for boxing day because electronics get really huge discounts during the day of the sale. Other than electronics almost everything else is having epic discounts in categories like beauty, health, wellness, gaming, and many more, so make sure you create a list of what you’re looking forward to at this year’s Boxing Day Sale. 

What else can you expect to see during the Sale?

If you haven’t prepared presents for your family and friends after Christmas, it’s best to purchase them during Boxing Day! A lot of bundles will be up for sale especially in the category of beauty, so you might want to visit that section for the fabulous folks in your life!

Above all, remember that Boxing Day started as a way of giving gifts, so ensure you have your family and faves on your checklist. Enjoy your haul!