Date Night Paint and Sip

Relationships require work, dedication, and, of course, a great date night. Unfortunately, for the past two years, the pandemic has made it difficult to have a good time alone with a partner or spouse.

Restaurants are either closed or work at a 50% capacity so date nights are either a stay at home chill like a simple dinner, pizza dinner and at home movie nights. You must have missed the excitement of going out and getting ready and dressing for the most awaited day, or night of the week.

Since the lockdown has been lifted, various types of activities have been offered, gastronomic experiences, picnics and cinemas are now available for booking or walk-ins. But finding a unique dating idea, for some, may be a great task to face. If you and your partner are looking for more interesting activities for your date night though, you may want to try a date night in Paint Juicy’s paint and sip studio which is great if you don't want a typical evening.

One might wonder what happens on a date night in a paint and sip studio, so here’s a rundown on what you can expect from Paint Juicy.

The ambiance:
Just like restaurants, you can expect a wonderful ambiance in a paint studio, it can be romantic, or non-formal, depending on the paint and sip studio’s location, or the evening’s theme. Paint Juicy likes to make things a little more upbeat.

A night of fun:
A date night is a great night to mix things up a bit! A date night paint and sip is not stuffy or routine. It’s fun! You can make lasting memories and enjoy a fulfilling time with your loved ones.

Everything you need will be provided:
No need to bring anything but yourself and your partner. At Paint Juicy, the paints, canvases, and brushes will be provided for, together with an art instructor so you can create fun masterpieces with your partner.

Anyone can join:
Whether it's your first or second date or celebrating your 1st, 5th or 15th year anniversary, paint date nights are a new and exciting way to relieve the stress of life and connect with your partner.

A night to remember:
You may not remember that Friday movie night in five years, but you’ll definitely remember the night you painted together and chatted over a glass of wine. In addition, you have a unique work of art as a souvenir.

All-in-One date:
At a date night while sipping and painting, you'll enjoy everything you love on a regular date, including your favourite drinks, may it be red wine, white wine, a cappuccino or a glass of juice and a beautiful charcuterie spread or a menu of finger foods, as well as all the fun you get from trying new things.

All you need to do is pick a date, a venue, and prepare for a wonderful night. See you soon! Let us know if you are celebrating something special, we got your back!