Elements For An Epic Painting Party For Kids

Arranging a little birthday party for your kids and their friends can be so exciting, with so many looking forward to the get-together. It’s easy to see why everyone’s so enthusiastic about it though, as a bit of art, creativity, and socialising makes up the perfect afternoon. 

As a parent and organiser though, it might be nothing short of stressful. There are so many things that you would have to prepare prior to the party in order to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for the kids. It can be quite overwhelming to plan out.

However, there’s a great way of how you can remedy that. Booking a private painting party at Paint Juicy for your kids takes care of the venue and the clean-up that comes up after.

Plus, you’ll be able to find all the other elements of a successful painting party, like:


Painting Supplies, We Got Em!

Instead of spending an entire weekend before the party to shop around for paints, brushes, canvases and several other painting supplies, just come to our kid's painting venue. Your kids will be able to find everything they need to paint with zero hassle on your part. 

Plus, they get the option of choosing from a selection of child-friendly artworks to base their painting on. Each kid will get their own kit and a roomy tablespace to work with so that they can best express themselves throughout the painting class. We do kids paint parties well!


Good Food, Great Times

Of course, you can’t have a successful party without having good food to offer to the birthday party attendees. You can get catering from next door at Pattysmiths Burgers, and you can customise what you’re going to order for them. Just remember to get other kids’ info in advance to know whether they have any allergies.

In addition to that, the kids will still continue painting after eating. Some may even eat while carrying out their masterpiece. It’d be wise to look for a meal that’s mess-free to eat, reducing the potential clutter on the table which is why we suggest Pattysmiths.


Hosting Your Paint Party

Throughout the painting process, adult supervision is a given that you would need to fulfil. However, parties require a bit of hosting to get the kids going throughout the whole gathering. Booking a painting party with Paint Juicy covers that necessary need as well.

Your private paint party host will be able to guide the kids throughout their artistry journey in the party. They really engage with the kids and be hands-on in teaching as you sit back from entertainment duties. Just keep an eye open for the children and the equipment and of course, if you want in as well, grab an easel!


Bond, Chill, Repeat

Lastly, a must-have element in a successful painting party is bonding. The kids should be able to talk and laugh with one another, spending that carefree time to just connect with one another over their art pieces and more.

You could participate and bond with the other kids as well. Help them out with mixing their paint or removing the colour from their brushes when needed, or just have that little chat with the other parents.

With every element prepared and ready, organising a painting party for kids has never been easier and is a great party idea. You can even relax enough to enjoy the event all throughout and watch the smiles on everyone’s faces during the painting class.

Want to have a kids painting party? Say Happy Birthday at Paint Juicy! We offer a great space for birthday parties, private events and more. Get in touch with us today!