Family Painting Classes

Looking for fun and new ways to create better bonds with your family and children? Do you want to unlock your family’s core memory or want to tick that life’s bucket list? Come check out our Family Painting Classes here at Paint Juicy! 

There are limited options for entertainment nowadays, and sometimes you can’t even bring your children with you! While life at home for teens and pre-teens is surely dull and stale. We at Paint Juicy offer heaps of fun painting activities for the whole family. 

Family Painting Classes at Paint Juicy

We have epic lighting, smoke machines, an experienced instructor and an awesome playlist. Plus different family friendly art class themes such as having Mr. Packer around (our resident fluffy woodland animal), different flowers and tropical themes, to our favourite native friend, Kevin the Koala we’re pretty sure you’ll be stoked!

What do I need to bring to a family painting class?

You can bring your own (BYO) wine, beer or cider then order your group’s brunch or tea from our menu with great choices of cheese, sandwich, and dessert boards, charcuterie, mocktails and that oh so wonderfully made Artisan Gelato (food options depends on location) for a memorable feast.

Attending a painting class here at Paint Juicy isn’t only enjoyable. There are many benefits to painting especially for the little ones! For children, it’s important for them to express and develop their creativity at a younger age, while involving their family during their activities. Not only does it boost one's creativity, but having family time can also create stronger emotional bonds within your household! 

Who can come to a family painting class?

Don’t forget to include your Pa and Nan, they were flat out when you were young (as you know it’s heaps of work when you have children) So book them a paint session or two so they can relax while they spend time with you and your family. 

These family painting classes are open to all ages from 10 years old and above and available year round! So anyone in your family, may it be your parents, grandparents, teens, and pre-teens, can come and enjoy. Book a slot (or your entire family) in one of our classes as a gift to your parents, create mini reunions, or have a birthday blast!

When are the family painting sessions on?

Booking for our family painting sessions are open each Sunday morning from 10am - 12pm, our calendar of events are available on our website through this link ensure you secure your slot right before the event date because we only offer14 slots per session! You can choose from our studios by clicking here.


Family Painting Classes