How Sip and Paint Classes Stimulates the Brain and Enhances Mental Wellbeing

Artists for years have talked about the “flow state” and how they process emotions through art. While this mythical state of complete focus seems out of reach to most folks, it’s actually a skill that artists learn through lots of practice. There are intense connections between art and neuroscience, and a lot happens when you’re making art. Creativity is important for remaining healthy and continuing to build connections between yourself and the world around you.

Creative expression, whether that is painting, drawing, or sculpting, helps us imagine new ways to engage with the world and helps us maintain the brain’s neuroplasticity. By painting regularly at a paint party, you can experience deeper focus and experiment with colors, shapes, and more. Deeply engaging your brain with painting expands your creativity and problem-solving skills.

Art And Your Brain

Art has a profound effect on your brain. The blend of colors, the way light is expressed, and the subject matter all deeply connect our emotions, and everyone reacts differently to this process. Our brain recognizes and tries to make sense of art when we look at it. The shapes you see in a painting, its lines, and the shadows all engage our brain to fill it in with information. This is why when beginning artists start painting, they use a lot of symbols in drawing. We see the world in shapes, like an eye equals a circle, even if the actual eye is a lot more complex than that.

When you sit down at a paint-and-sip class for the first time, your brain works to give shape meaning. The blood flow to your brain increases as you work to make sense of what you want to put onto the canvas. Viewing art triggers your emotions, whether that is feel-good dopamine or other emotions such as happiness, melancholy, and even a sense of appreciation and beauty.

Lower Stress Levels

The Journal of the American Art Therapy Association has featured numerous articles on art and its effect on your brain. One of the most exciting ones is the Reduction of Cortisol Levels Following Art Making. The impact of visual art making was shown to have a positive effect on the cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is the hormone that helps the body respond to stress, and higher levels of cortisol have been shown to raise blood sugar and lead to a weaker immune system.

So, lower cortisol means less stress and a healthier body. A sip-and-paint class means you get to relax, enjoy the lowered levels of cortisol, and have fun with your friends. By combining the multiple benefits of painting and social interactions, you’ll leave the painting session refreshed.


Painting requires focus and concentration, promoting mindfulness and the ability to be present in the current moment. While we might not think of meditation as anything more than deep breathing, there’s a whole range of meditative exercises you can use while painting. By focusing on your breathing—and consciously relaxing your body—you’ll help ease yourself into the flow state.

Mindfulness and art pair together to raise awareness of our minds and bodies. Each feeling and thought encourages us to be in our present moment, especially in a sip-and-paint class. You’ll be having fun and enjoying yourself every step of the way around friends and new acquaintances.

Flow State

We mentioned the flow state before, but it deserves to be talked about again. The flow state is that liminal time you enter where your focus is devoted to the art you’re making. You can enter a flow state in various exercises, painting, or writing activities. Anything that engages your creativity and allows you to focus can engage your flow state.

It’s also easier to get into the flow state when your body is already relaxed. For example, at a paint party, you’ll enjoy fine wine while painting, which can open you up to the deep focus that comes with the flow state. This relaxed reflective state lends a deep sense of fulfillment to your hobbies.

Processing Emotions

Painting helps us connect with others and also ourselves. By connecting with art and taking time for yourself through a paint-and-sip class, you can process a difficult week and begin to embrace calm. At the end of a busy day, occupying yourself with something as fun as painting while sipping a glass of wine gives you a time period away from stress and technology.

As we grow older, we forget the value of a simply pure and creative time. It helps us engage with that fun-loving part of ourselves. Even if you don’t see yourself as a creative person, a paint-and-sip class can show you how fun it is again.


Even something as simple and fun as a paint party engages your problem-solving skills. You’re visualizing what will appear on the canvas and following along with an art teacher. Each stroke teaches you something new and encourages you to think analytically and creatively about the expression of what you’re painting.

The benefits of signing up for a paint party are really two-fold at this point. You’re relaxing and working on a problem (the painting) in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Not only that, but you’re making decisions and adjusting your approach as you go, which helps your problem-solving skills in other parts of your life.

At a paint party, you’re learning to think creatively and analytically about painting every time you paint, which helps you be more flexible and creative at work, at home, and when facing other problems. Not to mention, at a paint and sip class, you’ll be surrounded by fun people who can help you problem-solve your painting, bounce ideas, and collaborate with others about color, brushwork, and more.

Fine-Motor Skills

Even though you’re an adult, you can still develop better fine motor skills. We shouldn’t neglect our fine motor skills as we grow up. The ability to control and coordinate those small muscle movements is vital for daily living. We write, type, cook, and even dress ourselves every day, so keeping our fine motor skills sharp helps with these day-to-day tasks.

Fine motor skills are also linked to cognitive processes and development, such as attention, perception, and memory. Painting is a fun way to keep these skills sharp and continue improving them.

Satisfaction and Stress Relief

Everyone occasionally struggles with completing tasks–and with their self-worth. There’s definite satisfaction in completing a painting with your own two hands. Sip and paint classes combine socialization and satisfaction by working together, and you’re sure to connect with others in the supportive and fun community.

The sense of accomplishment you can feel when finishing a painting after a fun evening of sipping wine and unwinding carries over. The process of painting can help take your mind off of other areas of stress and help you refocus after you’re done.

A Unique Blend of Everything

Sip and paint classes provide the benefit of uniquely blending art, socialization, and wine sipping to reduce stress and promote mindfulness. Finding a safe space that fosters creativity and community is a dream come true.  Group sip and paint classes are a growing trend and a great way to make new friends. You’ll get to socialize while developing artistic skills that improve your attention, awareness, and self-esteem.

Artistic people tend to have better observation skills and memory than those who don’t take an art class. Art changes the way we look at the world and experience it. It gives us hope and a place to be ourselves with no worry or to even work that worry into a piece of art to process it. Through art, we can find our identity and push our creative boundaries.

While neuroscience is still a new field, it has fantastic things to say about our brain and the act of creating art. Your art isn’t about what it looks like, but what it does to you. Your work doesn’t have to be perfect for you to experience the positive effects of creating art. You also don’t have to go to an art school or consider yourself a creative person to enjoy art. Have fun just to enjoy having fun!

Make Art a Habit

Every one of us has creative potential, even if you don’t necessarily call yourself a ‘creative person.’ Once you get into the habit of creating art, you’ll begin to flex your brain in new and exciting ways, spurring emotional growth and boosting your memory. With a paint party, you’ll also see a variety of skill levels, from complete beginners to experienced artists. You can learn and ask questions and enjoy delicious snacks and wine.

Art is medicine for the soul, and painting is easier than you might think. Get your daily dose of relaxation by scheduling a you-night. A night that blends wine, friends, and fun at a Brisbane sip and paint class. Your brain will thank you.