Paint and Sip at a Corporate Gig at Sanctuary Cove

Hey there, Sanctuary Cove folks! We've got a juicy story to share about our recent paint and sip shindig down at Sanctuary Cove and Hope Island.

The Concept Eight squad, hailing from Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Tassie, and even sunny Western Australia, all gathered at the beautiful Sanctuary Cove for a day that would fuse creativity, laughs, and a dash of drag-inspired fun. Yep, it was a paint and sip party like no other! 🎨🍷💃

Now, let's talk about our fabulous host for the day, the one and only Terry Daktyl. She's not just any artist; she's the kind of artist who paints with a flair that matches her wit, charm, and magnetic stage presence. With Terry in charge, you know you're in for an art-filled adventure that's anything but ordinary. 🎤🖌️

So, what actually went down during this colorful gathering? Well, we kicked off a painty party that lasted well into the afternoon. And you know what they say, when the paintbrushes come out, the white wines start flowing. Concept Eight sure knew how to keep those glasses filled! 🥂

But here's the best part – our paint and sip gatherings are all about embracing your inner artist, no matter your skill level. Some folks were eager to savor every step of the creative process, while others were channeling their inner Picassos, determined to finish their masterpieces early. 🎨✨

If you haven't already checked out our fantastic paint and sip experiences at Sanctuary Cove and Hope Island, you're seriously missing out. Join us for the next one, and who knows, you might just discover a hidden talent you never knew you had. Cheers to painting, sipping, and creating unforgettable memories! 🥳🌟🍻

And remember, you can always find more about our upcoming events and book your spot on our website. See you there! 🖌️🥂👩‍🎨