Drag Queen Paint and Sip Parties

If you enjoy a wild night out that includes great company, wine and a cheeky Drag Queen, our Drag Queen Paint and Sip Nights are the perfect choice.
One of our resident Queens will host your evening, provide the laughs and put on a great show. The Drag Queen Paint and Sip Sessions are available as individual ticket purchases or be requested as a Private Booking - additional fees may apply for private events.
Due to the adult nature of our Drag Queen Paint Parties, only those 18+ and older are able to attend. Also please note that jokes, commentary and themes of the evenings will a tad rude so if you are easily offended, these nights are not for you.

What is a Drag Queen Paint and Sip?

A Drag Queen Paint and Sip is a super fun evening where we crank up the tunes, turn on the disco lights and let our fabulous Drag Queen host run wild. She may be doing a song, joining you at your table to 'help' paint your artwork of just provide cheeky commentary about our resident artist or hosts. 

Is this Drag Queen Paint Party like others?

The simple answer is no. Ours is much better! There are other businesses in the market that realise that LGBTIQA+ themes interest people and don't involve themselves in the community. Paint Juicy doesn't exploit the community. We are a safe space that not only employs wonderful folk from all walks of life but those that identify with the community. We have hosted Gold Coast Pride Nights, sponsor community events and much more. 
Our space is created as a funky disco spot to get the crew together and enjoy great tunes, amazing lighting all the while creating an artwork that you will actually want to take home and pop on your wall!
If you want to enquire about a private Drag Queen Paint and Sip Event with us at Paint Juicy, drop us a message below or head to our Drag Queen Paint and Sip Sessions to see when the latest public nights are open.

Have questions or want to know more, use this form and we will be in touch shortly!

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