Paint Juicy and Animal Welfare League QLD Collaboration

Paint Juicy is thrilled to announce its collaboration with the Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ), marking a compassionate commitment throughout the entire 2024 period. In an effort to contribute to the welfare of abandoned and homeless pets, Paint Juicy will be directing all profits from its 'Paint Your Pet' paint and sip sessions to support AWLQ's noble cause.

What is Animal Welfare League Queensland?

The Animal Welfare League Queensland is a dedicated organisation that collaborates with councils and communities to enhance the lives of abandoned and homeless pets. Their mission is to provide every animal in need with a second chance at life, firmly standing by the pledge never to euthanise a healthy, sociable, or treatable animal in their care. AWLQ boasts one of the lowest euthanasia rates in Australia for a shelter of its size, a testament to their unwavering commitment to the well-being of animals.

Rehoming Success:

AWLQ's Rehoming Program stands out as one of the most successful in the country, with an impressive average of 120 animals finding loving homes each week from their Animal Rehoming Centres. The dedicated team of volunteers and animal-care attendants at AWLQ is devoted to providing high-quality care and meeting each animal's unique needs through tailored training and enrichment programs.

Numbers That Speak Volumes:

In the past year, AWLQ achieved remarkable milestones by rehoming 6,115 animals through adoption and rescue groups. Additionally, 3,791 animals were successfully reunited with their owners. This outstanding track record is a result of the commitment of AWLQ's veterinarians, who ensure that all animals receive comprehensive health checks, are desexed, vaccinated, and microchipped before being made available for adoption.

No Time Limit for Finding Homes:

AWLQ operates on the principle that there is no time limit for animals to find new homes. Once animals arrive at the rehoming centre, they become part of the AWLQ family until they find a permanent and loving home. The organization has implemented innovative campaigns and promotions to ensure that no animal waits too long for adoption.

Collaborations and Partnerships:

AWLQ extends its reach through collaborations with external rehoming partners, rescue groups, and partnerships with companies like PETstock and smaller independents. These collaborations play a crucial role in finding homes for animals that might otherwise be overlooked. Rescue groups provide specialised health or behavioural care for animals in need of intensive or long-term rehabilitation outside the rehoming centre.

By supporting AWLQ, Paint Juicy is not only fostering creativity and connection through its paint and sip sessions but also contributing to the well-being and second chances of animals in need. Join us in this meaningful collaboration and let's paint a brighter future for both art and our furry friends! 🐾🎨✨