Painting Has Many Health Benefits

Contrary to popular belief, every single person on this Earth has some kind of creativity in them. Creativity can come out in several ways, shapes and forms. This can be a matter of styling clothes, cooking and innovating in the kitchen and even the way you arrange your room's furniture! Needless to say, creativity and the very act of creating shines through most in art.

Art in itself has many forms as well: sculptures, origami, wood carving, leaf carving, drawing, animating...and painting. 

There's a lot of therapy in art, too, and this is backed by science. Creativity yields plenty of good for one's overall mental health.

Read on to learn about some of painting's health benefits!


Painting Helps Manage Emotions

Painting is a great way for your emotions to just pour out; you can let it all out on the canvas or wall or whatever you have at hand. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to paint, just like there's a lot of materials or avenues to paint in the first placewatercolour on paper, a roller brush to do broad strokes on a wall, a fine brush for little star-like details on a canvas bag. No matter where and how, painting is great for emotional growth.


Painting Improves Motor Skills and Problem-Solving Skills

Painters in general are absolutely not the most conventional of thinkers. They've got plenty of thoughts and a wider visual scope than most. A huge part of painting for many artists includes conceptualising what they're going to paint in the first place. Critical thinking comes into play here and gets exercised quite often. The initial idea will likely evolve, either due to certain events during the painting (running out of a colour, accidental splatter and the like) or the artist just changing their mind. Inspiration can strike you at the most random times.

Handling a paintbrush is a great way for hands and fingers to improve mobility. Motor skills get a huge boost from this. The way a paintbrush is handled varies between a fine line as a detail in a butterfly wing or a big, bright, yellow sun.


Painting Is Great for Meditation

We've all had moments of extreme emotion that we've had to release one way or another. Sadness generally means crying all the way to a full-on sobbing breakdown. Anger can be a rather volatile emotion that can result in a number of things. A good way to slow things down and process your feelings without suppressing them or bottling them all up is through meditation. Of course, it can be hard to sit still and focus when you're drowning in strong feelings. Creating art often leads to a focused "zone" similar to meditating, which is quite helpful.


Doing art and being creative have plenty of health benefits; painting is no exception. There are a lot of mental health benefits in particular that come into play. Painting is great for meditating, improves motor skills and problem-solving skills and helps manage emotions.

This is why we love paint and sips so much. It brings people from all walks of life together to be creative, enjoy each others company. Come along to our sip and paint classes today!