Picnic Ideas

Picnic season has now come around for another year and we love them! They're the perfect spring or summer treat and a great excuse to head out with some easy picnic foods for a day in the sun. A picnic is a surprisingly easy and fun event where you go to a park, public picnic area, or another outdoor location with friends and family. You bring food and drinks along with other picnic-friendly foods such as snacks, ready-made meals then sit down on the ground on a blanket to enjoy nature. The best part is it's all free ~ most of the time.

Picnics are also an awesome way to spend time with your family, friends, or significant other. It's always more fun when there are people around enjoying great food in nature! And if you're stuck on what to bring on a picnic, don't worry - we'll help you out with that later on in this article.

Why are picnics so amazing? There are many reasons why they're awesome events to attend. First of all, picnic areas and/or picnic parks are almost always beautiful, green spots surrounded by trees and clear-blue lakes or rivers. There's also a great sense of freedom to go wherever we want; we can run around and explore the area as much as we like without having to worry about returning home at a certain time.

And since you're eating outside, there's no need for formalities such as setting the table and putting on fancy clothing! You simply sit down on a blanket (probably with other picnic items such as utensils and drinks within arm's reach) and enjoy your meal.

Picnics are also an awesome activity for those who want to try something new or different - it's completely outside of the norm plus picnics can also be super cheap to prepare.


What do you need to pack for a picnic?

There are many picnic foods, both sweet and savoury, that can be brought on a picnic. This includes sandwiches of all types, salads, fruit, veggie platters, chips, or other items that can be eaten by hand. You can bring drinks such as juice boxes or cans of soda. In case of rain, you would want to have a picnic umbrella or picnic tent, and they are very easy to transport. If you don't need shelter from rain then a blanket or picnic mat is also something that comes in handy.

Having a picnic table for your picnic area is always a great idea, whether it's small enough for one person or large enough to seat multiple people - picnic tables make eating outdoors very convenient. And having some chairs around the picnic table never hurts either!

When going on picnics with children several items may be helpful. Picnic tables often have attached benches so having strollers or wagon-type carriers can be useful when transporting young children who do not yet walk well by themselves. For refreshments, beer/wine/spirits if you're over age and plenty of water. Our top tip, bring some lemons already cut up onto pieces that have been frozen for a quick way to flavour water and keep it chilled.


What equipment or items do you bring to a picnic?

When it comes time for your picnic outing there are a number of picnic-related items essential for enjoyment. First is sheltering from the elements, and picnic umbrellas or picnic tents are ideal for this. A picnic umbrella is typically a one-person shelter, but if you're expecting heavy wind or rain it might be wise to bring more than one of these items.

If the weather is nice enough, having picnic tables for your picnic area can make things easier on your back since you won't have to sit directly on the ground. If the site isn't equipped with picnic tables then having folding picnic tables can allow you to eat outside without issue.

Having some chairs around your picnic table may also prove useful for seating not only children but older adults as well. Chairs aren't just helpful when there are several people at once - they're also conveniently sized so that you can easily transport them.


What are some games we can play at a picnic?

There are several picnic games such as frisbee, football, baseball, bocce ball, and horseshoe-pitching. Of course, depending on the number of people attending your picnic, some picnic games may not be possible - but it's always fun to try something new when going outside with friends or family members. Our fave thing to do is bring a few easels for a little painting session on the grass or bring some art pads to sketch some nature!


Picnic Food Ideas

The most common picnic foods are picnic sandwiches, picnic salads, fresh fruit, cherry tomatoes, salad rolls, sausage rolls, potato salad, avocado, veggies and delicious BBQ chickens or other cooked meats, etc. You can bring cookies, chips, lollies, nuts like almonds or cakes for dessert, and fruit such as apples and bananas can provide a sweet treat when it comes time to eat again. As opposed to traditionally cooked meals, go for lighter things and easily prepared on the spot. If your favourite picnic foods are packed in containers such as Tupperware then all you need to do is grab them from your fridge and pack them inside your bag; this way no one will get tired of taking care of the food! Plus it saves you from having packaging waste that could easily blow away creating issues with the environment. Oh, I nearly forgot, you need cheese and crackers and perhaps even a yummy charcurterie board.

What are some of your favourite perfect picnic recipes?

Where are the best places to have a picnic?

Picnicking isn't limited to your backyard or even your favourite local park. Many picnic spots are on the beach, at the bottom of mountains and in some cases right by lakes or our favourite, at the beach. There is always somewhere nearby that can be picnic-worthy; all you need to do is find it! When looking for picnic locations near you, consider your options in terms of size, age restrictions (if any), and terrain among other things. The best spots may vary based on what type of weather you're expecting but it's always a good idea to plan especially during school holidays and more.

Before going on an outdoor picnic, make sure that there are enough people who will be attending this event so that each person doesn't have to bring their food or equipment. You should also consider the number of children/teenagers among other things because they may require additional attention while everyone is trying to focus on having fun!