Port Macquarie Arty Folk with Terry Daktyl

Hey there, Port Macquarie's party enthusiasts! 

Hold onto your paintbrushes because we're about to whisk you away into a world of vibrant fun and creativity! Terry Daktyl, our extraordinary ringmaster of the arts, recently led our merry band of painters on a colourful escapade at none other than the legendary Port City Bowling Club. 🎨🎳

Now, when we say it was bangin', we mean epic! Picture this: laughter that echoed like a joyous symphony, paintbrushes twirling like magic wands, and an explosion of vivid colours that danced through the air. Terry, our paint-slinging wizard, orchestrated the event with a dash of charisma, a heap of creativity, and a truckload of fun. It was like stepping into an alternate universe where every brushstroke came alive, and art transformed into a joyful carnival! 🪄🎉

The Port City Bowling Club? iI was a canvas of endless possibilities! Picture yourself in a place where creativity knows no bounds, where the atmosphere buzzes with camaraderie, and where the soundtrack to your evening is a medley of merry tunes. It was more than a night out; it was an unforgettable masterpiece in the making. 🎶🍷

We're not saying goodbye; we're just taking a breather to recharge our creative batteries. Our brushes might be at rest, but our minds are already swirling with excitement for the adventures that await in the new year. Our 2024 calendar is like a treasure map, teeming with new events, fresh painting themes, and countless opportunities for you to dive back into the creative whirlwind. So, hang onto your berets, because we'll be back to paint the town (literally!) with you all over again. 🗺️🖌️

Port Macquarie, you've been an absolute riot! Here's to even more unforgettable rendezvous in 2024. 🥳🌈🍷