Tips In Choosing Wines For Virtual Paint and Sip Classes

After enrolling in our virtual paint and sip classes, the very next thing you must do is find the best wine to get the most out of the experience! 

Don’t worry; you are not alone in this journey! We are here to provide you with some tips on how you can select the best wine possible for your paint and sip classes. Let’s get to it!


Purchase Different Kinds of Wine To Suit The Mood

The good thing about virtual paint and sip classes is that you can do it in the comfort of your home by joining by joining Paint Juicy either LIVE or on our pre-recorded videos. You can invite friends or families over to join you to make it a group effort. 

As the host with the most, of course, you need to ensure that your guests will have the best paint and sip experience, so different kinds of wine must be on the cards to suit different preferences. As a rule of thumb for paint parties, you should have at least one red, one white, and one pink wine option for your guests. But, if you know what your friends or families like, feel free to break the rules and only buy beverages you think they will like. 

In hosting a paint and sip class, your fridge should be ready with different selections of beers, mixed drinks and non-alcoholic beverages so all guests are covered.


Consider Aligning Your Wine with Your Painting’s Theme

You will definitely feel the vibe if you opt for a wine connected to your painting piece. For example, if you’re painting a something that is Italy-inspired, try to buy a bottle of wine from Italy. If you are about to work on Picasso, choose a Spanish wine. Aligning your wine with your painting’s theme will help you feel the moment completely, making the class fun and unforgettable. 


Go for Light, Crisp Wines for Summer Painting Classes

If your class is during the summer season, it’s best to choose a light, crisp wine to keep you cool and refreshed. Look for a simple, light-bodied, dry and crisp wine like Pinot Gris. This wine is perfect for hot summer nights. You can also look for something sweet and fruity.


Choose Full-Bodied Red Wines for Winter Painting Classes

Since paint and sip classes are for all seasons, you should do something for winter. If you’re unsure what wine to select, choose a full-bodied red wine to keep you warm throughout the night while pairing it with some delicious cheeses.


In our opinion, wines are a great option for painting at home. It is a simple way to match with seasonal fruits, savoury snacks and much more.

What is your favourite wine while getting arty?