Tips To Help Kickstart Your Painting Project

Are you interested in painting? If you’re only starting out, knowing some tips to make the experience go smoothly and to help you achieve your desired results is a good idea. 

There are many tips for painting that you can find, but here are some of the most basic ones to kickstart your journey to creating your very first masterpiece.

Know the Materials

Knowing the materials used for painting is important. You might think this is too tedious, but in reality, it will be helpful in the end. Doing so will let you gain a deeper knowledge of the materials and what they’re for, which will allow you to create an excellent painting surface. Moreover, you will know how to apply, interact and layer better on the surface to help you come up with art you can be proud of.

Plan It Out

If you often find yourself frustrated when you’re painting, it will be helpful to plan it out. Take your time and create sketches, formal drawings, etc. Don’t be in a rush—plan it out to create the masterpiece you’ve always dreamed about. 

Choose the Right Subject

The first thing to do before you grab your paintbrush is to choose a subject. It shouldn’t be just anything you see, but it must be something that you’re interested in. It should be intriguing for you, enough to make you want to explore it and its depths. 

Choosing the right subject you’re interested in will make the process much more exciting. As a beginner, choose one that you can truly connect with. 

Lose Yourself in the Process

One of the reasons some people who are starting out with painting feel limited is that they let fear take over. Sure, painting for the first time is intimidating, but if you really want to do it, you only need to allow yourself to do so. Lose yourself in the process—trust us, you’re going to love what comes out of it. 

Be Bold

When you finally have an idea of what to paint, start painting. Don’t try to be too detailed with it. Instead, do bold brushstrokes even if they go outside the lines. After all, you can always go back later to fix or enhance them. Just allow yourself to be carried by your paintbrush. 

Observe the Changes

Take several breaks while you’re painting and let yourself observe the changes. Take a step back and see your painting from a distance. This will show you a bigger picture and a better point of view. Moreover, this will give you some fresh eyes, and you may see some issues that you can fix when you sit down again to paint. Taking a step back from time to time will let you look at the whole thing after fixing an issue. 

Consider the Importance of Value

Masses are important in value, which is why you need to continually improve how lighter or darker an element is compared to others around it. This is because the masses can help you create a structure. 

Painting can be intimidating at first, but your creative juice will flow naturally when you are passionate about it. Use these ways to kickstart your project and make the process go as smoothly as possible. 


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