Tips When Attending A Paint And Sip Class

We get it, learning something new can always seem rather worrisome. Creative expression comes naturally to some and not to others, and that’s so okay. Luckily at our Paint Juicy Paint and Sip classes, the art is secondary to the experience. We go above and beyond to provide you with the friendliest artists you’ll ever meet to guide you every step of the way. Not to mention that glass of red is a true confidence boost, tunes are a bop and we’re a total inclusive safe space for all. If you’ve never been to a Paint and Sip a la Juicy style, you’re in for an extra delightful time! Read on for some handy tips so that your first Paint and Sip will go well and be full of fun!


Don’t Forget the Bigger Picture!

For many, painting ends up meaning more about the details and less about your creative skills. You would benefit greatly from taking a step back or so, especially if you’re worried about not doing well on your first time. It's also a great way to possibly gain a new perspective on what you're working on in the first place. Our paint and sip classes are all about fun. Get creative and explore the canvas!


Ensure Your Paint Dries Between Steps

In some cases, techniques require the paint to be wet as things go along. This is primarily when you need to blend the colours for them to be effective or if you’d like to make the colour last longer. Acrylic paint dries quickly, particularly when you apply the paint in a thin coat. 

When a painting ends up needing changes or extra additions, painting over the top makes things convenient! Elements on top of one another, such as a flower bud on leaves, benefit from base coats drying off before adding another layer. When you apply the paint to a dry surface, brighter highlights and colours are fantastic at standing out.


Make Sure Your Palette Has Space Left

It's understandable that with all the colours available, you'll want a palette full of colours. A good rule of thumb is to keep some part of the palette free. Space means that you can mix colours during the session so that anytime a new shade is in order, you can whip it up almost immediately. You could also avoid any possible waste of paint that happens during the paint and sip. Alternatively, just ask for another palette! 


Mix Paint Little by Little

When you have paint in hand, mixing small amounts at a time is the best option. In this way, you can achieve a wider variety of colours. Skin tone can require a tricky mix of shades that’s best not to attempt twice. This is why starting with a bit of paint and gradually mixing more and more is ideal.


Use Water to Spread The Paint Out Further

We love this tip because it is the difference between your artwork looking smooth and silky or jagged and sharp. We recommend adding a bit of water to your paint which both helps it glide easier over the canvas but also extends the paint further.


So there you have it! Not so tricky after all hey?

Ultimately, our wish is for you to have a little fun with your painting and a bit of boogie to some sweet tunes. Experiment with mixing colours, create extra little details that make your painting pop & try to make it all about having the best time possible with your pals. If psychedelic entertainment hubs are your thing, come Paint and Sip on the Gold Coast and Brisbane with us.