Top 10 Reasons to Enjoy a Paint and Sip Class

Creating a hobby is one way to de-stress, and this is something that experts have discovered. It can be playing your favourite sports, watching Netflix movies, listening to music, and another way to do it is to create art.

There is one hobby that’s taking social media by storm, it seems anywhere we log in now we see images of people and influencers holding their first or latest masterpiece.

If you’re a beginner in the world of art or painting, Paint and Sip classes are the easy way to go. Here's 10 reasons reasons why you should come along:

  1. Designed for beginners who are looking into art as a hobby, a stress reliever, a date, or a family bonding. You don’t have to be familiar with the type of paint, the colour shade, or brush strokes, you just need to be there with the intent of learning a new skill while having fun.
  2. We believe in the saying “There’s no wrong way to paint”. A starting kit will be provided and your creativity will be catered for by our encouraging art instructors.
  3. A night of painting promotes socialization and can be enjoyed as a couple, attendees of a kid's birthday party, or ev5en with your colleagues.
  4. Classes are normally done in a setting where you can have or focus on a great subject such as cafes, parks, farms, and/or museums.
  5. Our instructors frequently discuss the style of artwork they are studying in class, as well as the artists who influenced the pieces. Making sure our attendees will develop art appreciation.
  6. Paintings have been found to help reduce anxiety, increase self-esteem, and promote complacency. Studies have shown that art generally enhances, and has a long-term im8pact on a person's mental and emotional well-being.
  7. Proper brush hold will help you adjust your hand and wrist movements. Learning these movements stimulate the connection between the brain and muscles which is especially useful for the elderly and people with disabilities that affect their fine motor skills.
  8. Boost your self-confidence by discovering new techniques, and ease your anxiety by having a good time w4hile you laugh. have fun and enjoy the class.
  9. People engaged in creative opportunities such as writing, drawing, and painting have a lower risk of developing memory loss disorders as they get older. Painting also includes motor skills and mental effort, so all painters, from beginners to experienced artists, can benefit from this activity.
  10. Nothing beats creating art while you sip on your favourite drink. May it be a glass of wine, a fizzy soda, or an espresso, we can surely cater for them.

If you feel the need to express yourself, grab a ticket and get your lovely-self to a Paint and Sip class at Paint Juicy!