What is a Paint Date Night and why you will love it?

You’ve probably tried everything on your date night. Perhaps you are done with outdoor cinema, road trips, camping and other date night ideas you can think of. If you’ve already run out of ideas for your next one, maybe you haven’t tried going on a paint night on your date night. 

Sounds new to you? Why not try mixing things up a little bit and do away with your usual date night experience. A paint night is just perfect if you want to add some fun twist! 

What Is a Paint Date Night?

First off, allow us to discuss what a paint date night is. A paint date night is far from boring since you can unleash your creativity while sipping your favourite glass of wine. You can still have everything you love, just like with your regular dates.

But with a paint night, you will enjoy painting a masterpiece with your partner. Most studios provide couples with painting supplies, canvas and step-by-step instructions to work on their fabulous piece of artwork. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to paint; paint and sip studios like Paint Juicy can also provide local artists to guide you during the painting process. It is a great night out!

What Is Good about a Paint Date Night?

If you really want to do something new, instead of going to the same restaurant over and over again, you should definitely try a paint date night. What’s good about this type of date is that you will not have to sit the whole evening doing nothing aside from eating and talking. 

With paint night, even if you’re just sitting, you can still eat your favourite finger food, speak with your partner beside you, all while doing something extraordinary. Moreover, you can sip wine all while making art!

You can also make the memory last because you can take home whatever it is that you painted. It will be such a lovely keepsake to remember that you’ve had a wonderful evening with your partner.

Why Choose a Paint Night on a Date Night?

A paint night on a date night is ideal if you want to spice up the occasion you’re celebrating with your better half. It’s something that you can definitely remember for the rest of your life, unlike merely watching a movie in the theatre. Whether you’re celebrating something special or you just want to take your significant other out on a date, make sure it will be fun for the both of you. While you can get the fun on other date ideas, a paint night is worth trying because it’s new and unique. 

It can be tough to think of fun things to do on a date night. Fortunately, a paint date night is something that you can try that will surely give some enjoyment for you and your better half. There’s no need to worry if you can’t paint! It’s an added fun when you and your partner learn together or just accept the fact that what you’ve created is far from being called “art.”

If you’re looking for a couple's paint and sip with an edge in the Gold Coast and Brisbane, come to Paint Juicy. You and your partner can sit back and relax, munch on your favourite food and sip wine while our amazing artist guides you.

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