What To Expect From Your First Paint and Sip Class

Paint and sip classes allow you to unleash your inner creative while sipping your favourite wine. Think of it as art class but for adults. But this time, you don’t need to worry about getting graded. You just need to have fun and will!

While the concept of paint and sip classes may seem intimidating at first, there’s really nothing to worry about. If you’re not really sure how it works, here’s what you can expect for your first paint and sip class with us at Paint Juicy.

Just Bring Yourself

There’s not much preparation you need to do for your first paint and sip class. And you don’t need to bring anything. All you have to do is show up with the intent on having a fun night with friends.

Everything will be provided by us, from the art supplies to water. We even provide protective aprons so your clothes won’t get any paint on them (but they still sometimes do so please remember that). You can even expect plates, wine glasses, ice buckets, and a corkscrew for the sip part of paint and sip.

Showing Up Early Is Encouraged

You want to start your class on the right foot. So, it would be a good idea to give yourself some downtime to collect yourself. Having some time before the start of the class allows you to relax, check-in with the Queensland COVID app, for us to take you to your seat where you can setup your drinks and snacks. Snacks are meant to be shared but there is nothing wrong having first dibs on the good stuff!

Plan for Paint Party Vibes

The duration of the classes often depends on the painting you’re going to do. But typically, they last for two and a half to three hours in total. Our in-house artist will stop and start the music as well so to relax the atmosphere and you can get your paint party on!

There Are Different Paint and Sip Classes to Choose From

Some people might think paint and sip classes are boring because they imagine it’s just a bunch of people silently painting as they sip wine. But that is not the case with Paint Juicy.

At Paint Juicy, we offer many fun classes you can try. For an exciting night filled with laughter and performance, we have our drag queen paint and sip sessions. For something a little on the naughty-side we also have nude sip and paint adults-only events featuring our lovely nude male and female models. And don’t worry. At Paint Juicy, we are dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive and respectful environment for everyone involved.

A Paint-Free Space Will Be Provided for Food and Drinks

Nobody wants to get paint all over their food. That’s why we will be providing a paint-free space for food and drinks. You are definitely free to bring back wine glasses and snack plates to your painting table since there will be enough room for that. But if you need refills, you can slip out of your work area to get some on the food and drinks counter. And if you’re keen on not missing anything the instructor is saying, you can wait until the short breaks to get your refills.

You Don’t Need to Be an Artist to Have Fun

Prior experience in painting is not required to enjoy a paint and sip class at Paint Juicy. Our instructors are excellent at guiding you through the process. And they’re very approachable too, so you can even ask them how you can customise your painting if you want. It is a paint party after all so we want you to feel at ease at all times.

Unleash Your Inner Artist

We believe that there is an artist inside everyone. You just need to find the art form you feel most comfortable doing. Paint and sip classes are one way to let out your creativity in a safe and judgment-free environment. And with a bit of help from the ‘sip’ part of the evening, you may be able to shake off your expectations for yourself and just have fun.

Let your inner artist shine with the help of Paint Juicy, a sip and paint in the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We started with a dream to bring actual fun to the otherwise very dull paint and sip scene and we have done that. Make sure to grab a spot for your next event or gathering.