What To Paint Suggested Painting Ideas For Beginners

People have discovered new ways to entertain themselves at home. They work on activities that help make them feel better, let them deal with their emotions and thoughts, and allow them to create art they can be proud of. One of these popular go-to hobbies is painting. 

Painting is slowly becoming a more accessible hobby for anyone who wants to try it. Now, canvases and paints are also more affordable than before. It is also not just about creating beautiful artwork from scratch. It is also about letting oneself be creative and improving one’s mental health in the process. It can be intimidating to some, but it can also be freeing as it is an activity with no rules to follow. 

If you want to try painting as a stress-free activity but do not know what kinds of images or scenarios to draw and paint, you can start with the elements listed below. They are the simplest subject that beginner painters can begin with.


Subjects That Beginner Painters Can Start Painting


Start With Trees and Plants

Visit any gallery and you would definitely find a paintings of trees and plants. They are common elements in nature and easy images to copy and paint. Unlike other objects or animals, trees and plants do not have many complicated lines and details. They are usually straight in form and can quickly fill an empty canvas. 

Furthermore, there are many kinds of trees and plants you can choose from. They each have their own unique colour, shapes, lines, and details that you can explore and would help you differentiate one plant from another. You can choose a simple flower as the first subject and slowly work your way through until you can start painting trees. 


Explore Shapes and Patterns

Paintings do not always have to be all about realistic or tangible subjects. You can also express emotions and messages by putting together random shapes, patterns, and colours. There is no need to have a plan always when it comes to art. Letting your imagination and feelings do the painting for you is already art on its own. You might be surprised by the output. 


An Unforgettable Scenery

There are also several top-of-mind ideas when talking about sceneries as a painting subject. Imagine a lake, a mountain, a beach, a farm, or your favourite hangout spot when you were a kid. While these are vague concepts, an image already popped into your mind, right? That is how powerful these simple ideas are. 

That also means you can paint them vividly and add small details as you please. Try to bring your imagination to life and see how it goes. What you will get is a painting that is unique and full of your own story. 


Well-Known Paintings

Another fun idea for painting beginners is recreating already existing famous works such as Mona Lisa or The Scream pieces. Art is what you make. Nothing has to be copied perfectly. That is why it is your version, to begin with. You can experiment with different approaches, and who knows? You might discover what your style and art form is through this process.

Painting is a fun and freeing experience. It should not be stressful. Therefore, do not put too much pressure on yourself. Remember that you are only a beginner. Instead of overthinking, try any of our suggestions and make sure you enjoy the process.

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