Why a Paint and Sip Party is Perfect for Your Bridal Shower

Bachelorette parties are meant to be fun, engaging, and even sometimes wild. It’s basically the last fling before the ring, so you better make it worthwhile and memorable. Instead of organising a typical bachelorette party in a hotel or your own home, why not start a paint and sip party where all of your friends, including the bride-to-be, will have one hell of a time? Here are some good reasons why you should do just that and have a paint and sip party that everyone will remember.


Not Your Ordinary Celebration

We all know how hard it is to find something different and unique to do for a party these days. You’ve probably been to every kind of party out there imaginable. Paint and sip classes are a little different than your average party. You’re practically all gathered in a space where you get to express yourself through art while enjoying the company of friends. You can also eat some snacks, drink some wine or your favorite alcoholic beverage and just have a good time. Other themed parties can be too chaotic or too bland for your tastes. If you want something that your friends and the bride-to-be will truly appreciate, paint and sip parties are the perfect event for you.


Wear a Dress and De-Stress

There’s no doubt that planning a wedding can be quite stressful for all parties involved. A paint and sip party is the perfect way to let off some steam and just enjoy the company of your friends. You’ll be able to free your mind from all the pressures of your work and just make good art even if you’re not an artist. Did we mention you’re allowed to drink at a paint and sip party? That’s right. Drinking is all part of the fun that’s why it’s called a paint and sip or a paint and drink party. Art plus alcohol while celebrating your friend’s upcoming wedding is the perfect de-stressing event any person needs.


Create a Bonding Experience

Paint and sip parties are also great as a bonding experience with friends and even new acquaintances. Chances are, your bridal party is made up of women who don’t know each other very well. Your common connection will be the bride, so, understandably, not all of you know each other. However, according to research, having a new shared experience is the best way to bring people together and even gain new friends. In a paint and sip class, you’re all probably new to painting or doing art in general, so that’s already an excellent common ground for you to start in. You’ll have a high-reward activity that provides all of you with a common goal. The bonds that you and your fellow bridesmaids and girlfriends will develop in this activity will continue long after the wedding is over.


Adding a twist to the tried-and-true bachelorette party formula isn’t as easy as it looks. But a night of painting, drinking, and bonding before the “I Do” is probably exactly what you need to spice things up. Find a local sip and paint establishment in your area and let your friends have a grand time such as us at Paint Juicy!


Paint Juicy brings paint and sip classes to a whole new level. We pair wine and art while cranking up the tunes for a night of fun and excitement. Our paint and sip classes include entertainment such as our fabulous Drag Queen, Shushu Funtanna, as well as other electrifying activities. If you want to have a private paint and sip party or a girls’ night out, we can host your event for you.

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