How To Paint a Cocktail: An Easy Tutorial For Beginners

How to Paint a Cocktail for beginners!

In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to paint a cocktail that reminds you of those summer nights out! We’ll be adding pretty string lights and a beautiful night sky! So what are you waiting for? Come and paint with us!

Step 1: Materials First!

If you’re a beginner and have no idea where to start, it’s always the very first step to prepare your materials before painting! So go to your local art store, and prepare the following items!

  • Acrylic Paint in the colours Titanium White, Mars Black, Burnt Umber, Primary Yellow, Hooker's Green Hue Permanent, Dioxazine Purple, Brilliant Purple, Phthalo Blue
  • Paint Brushes in a variety of sizes
  • Canvas your preferred size
  • Cup with Water
  • Palette or paper plate
  • White Chalk Pencil
  • T-Square Ruler (optional)
  • Paper towels

Step 2: Paint the Background! 

You can start by painting your night sky, use the darkest shade of blue first and slowly make your way to making it lighter. Use Phthalo Blue for the first colour, paint this down around 5 inches or more if you’d like, and do this with Brilliant Purple then lastly Titanium White. If you want a more detailed tutorial on how to blend acrylic paint we have an article just for you!  Check it out here. Leave a bit of space on the bottom to create the table for later. 

Once the sky part of your canvas is dry, use burnt umber and mix it with titanium white to create a lighter brown colour. You may use a ruler to create a straighter line for the table or you can just use your brush to create a line with the brown paint to create a table! You can create more texture by brushing on a few darker browns or white and then, blending it through! 

Step 3: Draw the Margarita Glass 

Use white chalk or pencil to draw a margarita glass. Don’t make it too big so there will be more space in the back for details. You may use a reference picture for this! Draw the bowl part of the margarita, then the stand piece. After that, draw the stem of the glass. After sketching the glass, you can draw your background details like the moon placement, and the lines where the string lights will be placed. 

Step 4: Paint your glass and deets!

Once you’re satisfied with your margarita glass, use some white paint and a small detail brush, and outline your margarita glass, wash and dry your brush and use some phthalo blue to line the outside of your white outline, paint the base of the margarita glass by using small strokes using the blue and white paint, add more white to highlight the glass. 

Paint your margarita! Do this by creating a lime green colour by mixing 2 parts hooker’s green hue permanent, 2 parts titanium white, and finally 1 part primary yellow. Paint the inside part of your margarita glass to create the liquid of the margarita, then make a lighter shade of the green to add more highlights to the glass to make it look three-dimensional. Once you’re satisfied with the liquid, paint the salt on the rim of the glass! Use dotted strokes around it. 

Draw your lime, create a circle on the side of the rim of the glass with the dark green, and create the ridges of the lime using a lighter green. 

Finally, paint string lights! With a round brush and black paint to draw the string, then use some yellow to create circles for the light bulbs. 

And finally, paint on the moon, and you’re done!

We hope you liked this easy-to-follow tutorial on how to paint a margarita with a beautiful evening background! If you liked this tutorial, make sure you check out our other step-by-step guides on our how-to page!