How To Paint a Kombi Van: An Easy Guide For Beginner Painters

In this step-by-step tutorial, we will be guiding you in creating, and painting your very own kombi van! This painting will surely give you the beach feels that you’ve missed cause we will be painting a beach background along with your kombi van! So keep on reading if you’re eager to learn how!

Step 1: Get your art stuff!

Before anything else, always ensure that you have the things you need for this painting! You may customise the colour and design of your kombi van, this is your painting after all! But for the remaining parts of the painting, here are the things you will need!

  • Canvas size of your choice
  • Acrylic Paints in the colours; Titanium White, Mars Black, Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Teal, Raw Sienna, Grey, Raw Umber, Indian orange, Prussian Green, Mid Yellow
  • Paint brushes of various types
  • Sharpie or black paint pen
  • Palette or paper plate 
  • Cup with water
  • Paper towels or rags
  • T-Square ruler (or paint tape if you prefer)
  • Pencil

Step 2: Create your beautiful beach background!

Flip your canvas to make it into a landscape, with your T-square, paint tape, or ruler, and draw a horizontal line across your canvas. Paint the sky by layering some titanium white on the half of the canvas where your sky will be. Without washing your brush, dip your brush in some cerulean blue and add it to the top most part of your sky. Blend your brush downwards and let the blue blend in with the white so it becomes lighter. When you reach the bottom, add more white to your brush and blend all the colours of the sky to make it look seamless. Next is to paint the ocean part! 

Estimate around 3-4 inches of space from the first line then down and create another horizontal line. This will be the area where your ocean will be! Take some cobalt teal paint and put it on your palette, then using a flat brush, paint horizontal strokes till about an inch down on your canvas. Without rinsing, dip your brush in some white and paint horizontally again. Using the same technique as you did with the sky, do it with the sea as well so that the bottom part of the sea is lightest. 

With your ruler again, draw another horizontal line and create a small bit of leftover space on the bottom for the road part! Mix raw sienna and a bit of white to create a light, sandy colour. Use this colour to paint the gap between the ocean and the line you created on the bottom, then lastly, use your grey to paint the last part of your background.

Make sure your background is a hundred percent dry before moving on to the next step!

Step 3: Start on your Kombi Van!

Take your pencil and draw a rounded trapezoid. Leave some spaces for the wheels. Add some racks and an upside-down surfboard on the top of the van, add four windows, some bumpers on the front and back, and a little vent on the side of the van. You may use a reference picture for this!  

Paint the whole van white except for the wheels and windows as a base colour. Now it’s time to get creative! You may paint the bottom of your van whatever colour you like, and add any design you may wish to add. Paint the wheels black, and the bumpers gray, and also add some small gray circles on the wheels. You may also paint the surfboard whatever colour you may wish! Finally, draw the outlines of your van using a marker or a sharpie and you’re done with your Kombi Van painting! If you want to add more details like coconut trees that are totally up to you! 

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