How To Paint a Llama: An Easy Tutorial For Beginners

We have yet another fun-filled painting activity for you and the kids! If you absolutely adore and love Llamas (I mean who doesn’t, right?), this tutorial is for you! This tutorial is definitely for beginner painters such as you, you’ll love our super simple and easy step-by-step activity! So let’s skip the boring parts and start!

Step 1: Get those painting materials out! 

Here is a list of the things you will be needing for this tutorial! Remember that this is your artwork so if you want to change anything by customizing your work don’t be afraid to do so! We’re here only to guide you so you can unleash your creativity!

Painting materials needed for this activity:

  • Acrylic Paint in the colours, Background colour of your choice, Titanium White, Black, Raw Sienna, Gold, or any other colour to add to your background
  • Brushes
  • Canvas 
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Brushes of various sizes

Step 2: Sketch your Llama!

Of course, if you’d like, you can use reference photos for this part, a quick Google Images search won’t harm anyone (just don’t blame us if you spend a lot of time gushing over some of the cutest photos you’ll see) or even use a stencil! Draw your outline of a Llama by first starting where you want to put it, we’ll be teaching you a bit of a close-up version! 

First, start with the face, Draw its eyes by sketching ovals, remember that llamas have their eyes on the sides of their heads! Their eyes should be a bit of an almond shape where it’s a bit sharper in the middle. Next, draw its nose and snout area by drawing a wide heart shape in the middle of its face! Then draw its mouth and snout.  Up next are the sides of its head and neck, its ears, and finally its fluffy mane! Use zigzags to create fur-like textures for his body and mane. 

Step 3: Get your choice of paint!

Time to paint the background! Choose any colour you like for the background and then paint along the outlines of your llama! You can really get creative with this! You may put dots, swirls, make an ombre effect by using three colours, or really anything!! It’s up to you!

Make sure that it doesn’t go into your llama sketch!

Step 4: Paint your subject!

Once you’re satisfied with your background, you may now start with your llama, but make sure your background is dry otherwise it may get into the outlines. You may use a hand dryer for this! 

Start off by using your smaller brush to paint the eyes, to do this you need to use the colour black, if you’d like you can even put lashes on them! After painting the eyes, paint the nose with the same colour. Then, create a grey colour by mixing white with a dash of black, and paint the inside of the llama’s ears with this colour. 

Proceed with painting the whole llama by using the colour white, the with the same grey colour you used with your ears, lighten it up a bit more by using more white paint. Add squiggly single strokes downwards on the body and sides of the llama to create a fur-like texture. Use the darker grey to paint the lower lip of your llama and the lighter grey for the upper. Finally, paint on the details of the mouth by using black. 

And you’re done! Are you proud of your little llama creation? If you are, we have more fun and exciting painting tutorials that are suitable for beginners!