Summer Boho Dresses

Summer Boho Dresses

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      We love bohemian fashion and love finding special pieces to offer our followers and shoppers here on the Gold Coast.

      What's your favourite kind of fashion? For us, it has always been a toss-up between bohemian and beachy but both to us go hand-in-hand. We love the adventurous, carefree attitude that comes with this style of clothing! If you're in need of some new threads then browse our divine collection which features unique pieces from head to toe designed just for wanderers like yourself - all available at affordable prices too ;)

      Where do you find your boho-inspired clothing?

      If you have been searching for all the best in boho chic, take a look at our ever-changing range of boho dresses - short, long and maxi dresses, beautiful skirts, singlets, camis, tees, tops and accessories on our online store. Our boho products are sourced from a range of manufacturers from here in Australia and all over the world like the UK, USA and Asia.

      Our online women's store embodies the boho spirit with free-flowing fabrics, frills, bold prints, paisley and mosaic patterns with lovely lace. Our love for all things bohemian is now venturing down the path of unique homeware pieces, throws and blankets. When we find new products, we add them to the site so make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram plus signup to be a member.

      Who is a Paint Juicy boho clothing customer?

      She is an eclectic, free-spirited, bohemian girl, full of warmth and love for those around her and marches to her own drum. She is conscious of her footprint on the earth. She loves to read, listens to cool music, loves great food and enjoys going to paint and sip classes. Her friends, family and animals are her life. This boho girl knows great style when she sees it. Her wardrobe is full of unique chic pieces. She mixes and matches her unique boho style with pieces of jewellery, scarves and accessories. This boho babe falls in love with divine prints and colours which makes her heart shine.

      Browse our selection of the best boho buys here at Paint Juicy.

      What is boho style?

      Boho is a fashion style that was extremely popular in the 1960s and 1970s. Today, it has been adapted to fit modern styles and tastes, but still retains the same free-flowing elements from decades past. This makes boho dresses an excellent choice for summertime wear from beachside walks all the way through to cocktails. Feminine and vintage-inspired, and gorgeous.

      Individuals who appreciate the boho look often have a bohemian quality to them as well, seeking out items with natural materials and loose cuts. However, you don't have to be a free spirit in order to rock a boho dress! Dresses in this style are available for all sorts of situations and occasions.

      A tank or slip boho dress is a good example of a versatile garment that can be worn in many different ways! You can wear it on its own or under a jean jacket, plus it's light enough to be worn during the summer months.

      If you're planning on wearing your dress without covering up with something else, remember to pack some sunscreen along with you! This way, the only thing showing will be your fashionable outfit choice. If you love showing off your shoulders, have a look at our off the shoulder options.

      What occasion are your dresses good for?

      Our dresses suit a wide range of occasions but the most popular would be summer bridal showers, baby showers, Sunday sessions with the girls etc.

      Do you have shipping options?

      For women who want to stand out from the crowd but don't have much time for shopping, try finding an affordable summer boho dress online with us at Paint Juicy with plenty of shipping options plus we also have local pickup available as well!

      There are plenty of options available which means there's something for everyone - even if you're not into the bohemian lifestyle but love the beach vibe.

      If you have any questions, please let us know via the contact form below

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