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Just like those who attend a Paint Juicy session, you don't need to paint like Picasso to own a Paint Juicy paint and sip franchise. You don't need to be a marketing genius either. We help with it all. That is our point of difference at Paint Juicy. The most fab paint and sip franchise to own yourself!

Working with DC Strategy - The Franchising Experts, the Paint Juicy team refined it's offering by bringing together the fun factor mixed with party vibes. Did someone say drag shows, nude painting or comedy? We have it all while sipping and creating art!

The concept is simple, people come to you or hire you to come to then, you set the scene for an epic disco-style paint party. They love it and you love working with them. We work with you on generating sales, using our in-house digital marketing team with over 15 years experience. You focus on giving the ultimate customer experience. You drive the fun-factor. Paint Juicy HO drives the ticket sales and interest. That's the Paint Juicy difference. We are an entertainment business. We are not about art classes. Paint Juicy helps find your artists, actors, musicians, comdians and more. A pretty great difference compared to other Paint and Sip Franchises in the market!

See why we are the best paint and sip in the market below and read our reviews!

We have been featured across many platforms

Urban List Gold Coast Paint and Sip
Style Magazines Brisbane Paint and Sip
Triple M Gold Coast
The Weekend Edition Paint and Sip
Paint and Sip Franchise

grab a Paint Juicy FROM Just $29K + COSTS

From mobile, fixed location to a bolt on to your existing venue, Paint Juicy offer multiple ways for you to make revenue. Low cost setup with a strong HO team to assist with training, marketing, supply & more

Paint and Sip Franchise

Done for you dedicated marketing

The team behind Paint Juicy's marketing and PR is dedicated to providing ticket sales and brand awareness for all Franchisees and sites. The sky is the limit with Paint Juicy

Paint and Sip Franchise

Artist & Entertainment supplied

We will source local artists to work with you and your team. Entertainment, we have got your back such as comedians, drag queens, nude models and more!

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Visit us at the Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo

at The International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour, Sydney

Friday 5th August - 8:30am - 5pm
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Why choose a paint and sip franchise from Paint Juicy?

The Paint Juicy Head Office team chooses a collaborative approach to everything we do. We support you and your team to create memorable experience using the activity of a paint and sip as an anchor. It's the extras that give us the good vibes.

The marketing you will receive is second to none. We will find the ticket sales for you and let you focus on what you do best, making our customers (Juicers) have the best time.

What experience do you have with franchising?

Our two Operations Managers have both come from franchising backgrounds with a combined 25 years between them. The marketing team have worked with franchising partners for many years.

What training will Paint Juicy offer a franchisee?

Paint Juicy offers their franchise partners a wealth of training from administration, in-house training, in-studio and more. Our comprehensive training systems include a robust intranet with both video and written training notes, workplace health and safety training and much more.

Will I learn about running a business as well as brand-related skills by working with Paint Juicy?

We will be available to help you take a solid grasp of the business along with marketing techniques, helping you find great staff.

Is the training provided by qualified and experienced people?

You will be trained by those that have been in business and franchise operations for many years. They will each give valuable input giving you insight into each facet of the business.

Will I receive a detailed manual of processes and procedures for the paint and sip franchise?

As a Paint Juicy paint and sip franchisee, you will receive access to a training portal with a huge collection of valuable information, training and videos showing many of the how-tos across each franchise.We are a supportive network and will have Safe Operating Procedures for all job roles, tasks and more.

Is learning face to face, online or both?

As part of being a Paint Juicy paint and sip franchisee, you will receive face to face training, on the job training, online using our training portal and through weekly webinars. We want you to feel supported and understand everything that matters to run a success paint and sip franchise.

How much technology training and support is provided to your paint and sip franchisee? 

One of the greatest parts of being a paint and sip franchise with Paint Juicy is we take out all of the unnecessary tech and use solid systems that do most of it for us. You will be supplied with on the job training of the day to day operations and on how to best utilise the technology we have in place. Our online portal is your single source of information.

Is there someone I can contact immediately if something goes wrong with the technology?

Yes there is! Our Head Office team is available each and every day to help you with anything that may arise with technology issues and or assistance during sessions by online chat, phone call or email. We want you to do what you do best creating an epic environment for your guests. 

Does the marketing budget cover national and local advertising, and is promotional material provided?

All marketing is done by a team with many years of experience in digital and traditional marketing methods. We will look after your local marketing and nationally for the brand. We will give you promotional materials ready to help promote your franchise. 

Who will my head office contacts be and how often can I expect to see them?

You will have access to each of the Head Office member when you need. By both in-person where practical and online, the HO team is there to help you with any queries you may have.

Some Great Reasons to buy a paint and sip franchise

This creative and fun business concept has gained popularity among artists among business owners as well. Just like other types of business, a paint and sip business is now available for franchise. Here are some reasons why a paint and sip franchise is a great business:

A Unique Niche with Multiple Client Options

The paint and sip business is such a unique niche as it mixes 3 industries together, hospitality, entertainment, and arts. This means that you get to reach out to customers in these industries too. These industries have a great reach. You can have customers from all walks of life, and most of the time is booked for big gatherings such as birthday parties, hen nights, corporate team buildings, family gatherings, Christmas parties, and the list goes on and on and on.

Multiple Income Streams

The first source of revenue is the art experience. Your customers will reserve their seats for the art class, and they may book a single seat, a couple (for a date night of course!), or for a group (family gathering or team building).

Secondly, they will get hungry. If your venue has a full-functioning kitchen, you can offer food and snack options for your customers making it convenient for them as they don’t have to hop from your place to a restaurant in case they get hungry.

Lastly, what is a paint and sip without drinks? Create a list of your offerings, may it be hot drinks, cold drinks, or mocktails. Your customers will surely have a fun and hassle-free night out!

Fantastic Work Environment

As a part of the art and entertainment industry, you’ll have art instructors and support staff with general art knowledge that will help you with the business. Artistic people are one of the most fun people to work with, they are creative thinkers, playful, sensitive and intuitive, patient, passionate, imaginative, and open-minded. a paint and sip business offers a creative space where people go to relax and enjoy, a social hub for customers and employees alike. 

Work & Life Balance

If you are looking into owning your own business, are an entrepreneur, or a small business owner, the paint and sip franchise is a great idea. This business model not just generates income but also mixes creativity with fun and offers a work-life balance that others crave. This type of business can be as much as part-time or full-time work whichever you want it to be. The art classes/events are scheduled, normally towards the evening so you have plenty of time to bond with your family, run your errands, or take up a hobby.

It's An Easy Business Template

Don’t want to start from scratch? A paint and sip franchise would be best for you as nearly everything will be done on your behalf. With a franchise, you don’t have to worry about processes, procedures, services standard, and systems to use for bookings as all of these will be provided including an online booking system. You don’t have to worry about how to market your classes, how to build your social media, what promotions to offer, and get marketing ideas as all of these will be taken care of. And the best part is, you’ll have business support and training too from the Head Office of Paint Juicy.

Contact Us For Further Details

If a Paint Juicy Franchise is something that excites you, we are equally as excited to hear from you!

We work with DC Strategy who assist us with all things franchising so once we receive your email, a representative from DC Strategy will reach out.

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