Hens Night Ideas Brisbane

The hens night party is a modern-day tradition that has been passed on from generation to generation. A hens party provides the bride-to-be with an opportunity to let her hair down and have some fun before being tied up [figuratively speaking] with a wedding.

To get your creative juices flowing, check out this list of fantastic hen's party ideas to do in Brisbane:


Hens Night Treasure Hunt

A bachelorette party becomes a lot more exciting when there are clues for the girls to follow! The bridal party will have hours of fun trying to solve clues and complete tasks while searching for their treasure at the end. This is also a great way of making new friends amongst strangers who might be tagging along for the party.


Hens Night Laser Tag

Go back to childhood by being let loose in a laser tag arena. There will be plenty of "ouch's" and "owww's" while running around avoiding beams of light. A hens party is the perfect place for some good, clean fun!


Take a Cooking Class

Learn how to cook some delicious dishes with friends at a cooking class held at Vanilla Zulu in Teneriffe. Offering all the essential cooking classes, like rustic Italian, Middle Eastern, Spanish and Thai, they also offer longer courses for learning serious chef skills. Everyone gets the chance to get behind the stove, so this hen's party idea offers all sorts of opportunities for pictures!


Take it up the pole

A more adult-orientated hens party idea, the pole dancing classes offers pole dancing lessons and burlesque classes to get guests ready for their big night out. This is also an excellent choice for keeping fit after all that eating and drinking!



Yoga might not be as much fun as other hen's party ideas that Brisbane has to offer, but it will be good for peace of mind and body before the wedding celebrations begin. This is not only great exercise; it's also a wonderful chance to bond while learning something new with friends while getting in touch with your spiritual side.


Go Fly a Kite

Now, I know this may be the opposite of what you would want to do for a hens party but think about a delicious picnic down by the river with your besties and flying kites?

Everyone remembers spending hours chasing after kites when they were children. This hens party idea will not only offer lots of fresh air, but it's great exercise too! There are plenty of places around Brisbane where you can get your hands on some impressive kites to show off while soaring away into the sky.


Take a River Cruise

Take a river cruise along the Brisbane River to watch the city lights come alive. This hens party idea is perfect for catching up with friends and enjoying some music on board too! There's no better way to end off your night than by taking in the impressive views of the city by boat. Our fave is Kookaburra River Queens.


Ice Skating

There are plenty of places where you can indulge in this old school hens party idea, like at Iceworld Olympic. Ice skating offers great exercise while having fun with friends; it's also an excellent opportunity for team building exercises if there are strangers joining you on your hens night. Whatever location you choose, be sure to book your ice time beforehand so that everything runs smoothly.


Catch a Show

There are plenty of places to catch the latest shows in Brisbane. Check out any show at The Tivoli or The Lyric Theater for some top-notch entertainment. There's always plenty to choose from in and around the West End, Fortitude Valley or head to New Farm Cinemas and choose from for catching the newest releases before everyone else!


Songwriting Class

Learn how to write your very own songs with friends. This hens party idea is perfect for those who want to expand their minds by learning something new or anyone that loves music. It might seem like something reserved only for musicians, but everyone has an inner songwriter waiting to come out!


Have a Karaoke Kinda Night

As all of the hens party ideas in Brisbane, this one is a great way to let loose and bond with friends. Karaoke might not be for everyone, but there's no denying that it's fun to see your friends get up on stage and have a solo moment! This activity can also be combined with other hen's party ideas like paintball or laser tag to make it even more exciting. See the next idea below of Strike Bowling who has it all!


Go Bowling

There are plenty of places around Brisbane where you can go bowling! Strike Bowling at Wintergarden is home to 12 bowling lanes, an amazing laser tag arena, pool tables, private karaoke rooms and three exciting escape rooms, Strike Wintergarden is the ultimate place for a great night out!



Get your aggression out by shooting your friends with paint pellets at Splat Zones or Urban Assault. These hens party ideas will release all that stress you're feeling as you shoot others 'for target' without feeling too guilty about it! This hens party idea is also great for team-building exercises if you are joining up with strangers on your night out.


Go Karting

There are plenty of places around Brisbane where you can go-kart racing. If there are more than 8 people in your group, everyone should be able to join in. This hens party idea will make everyone feel like a true racer! It's also a great workout as you try to balance yourself while speeding along the track, but it won't feel like exercise at all since you'll be having too much fun! This will definitely be one of those moments that no one forgets anytime soon!


Organise an Escape Room

Set the challenge and find the clues with friends at Escape Manor. By opening locked boxes and finding clues around the room, you will have to figure out how to escape within 60 minutes before your time is up! This hens party idea is very popular with friends who are new to each other since it's a great way of getting everyone involved together.


Learn How to Dance

Learn how to move on the dance floor like Beyonce at any Brisbane dance school. Whether it be hip hop or some funky moves that go against gravity, this hens party idea is sure to liven things up if there are more than eight ladies in your group. There really is no better way for girls to bond than by learning some sweet choreography together on the dance floor! Expect plenty of laughs as you try to master the moves.


Sky Diving

Take an unforgettable leap out of a plane at Toogoolawah, about 1.5 west of Brisbane with Skydive Ramblers. This hens party idea is sure to make everyone feel alive as you fly through the air for up to an hour before your tandem skydive. This hens party activity is great if there are more than 8 people since it's actually suitable for all ages and experience levels. However, be aware that this hens party idea might not be ideal for those who struggle with the fear of heights!


Go Undercover

Unearth Brisbane's best-kept secrets by taking a bar crawl. With plenty of bars around town, each one has it's own unique theme or features that makes them standout from the rest - whether it be prohibition style cocktails or one of a kind interior design. This hens party idea is ideal for those who have a large group since there are plenty of bars to choose from, giving everyone the perfect opportunity to find their favourite!


Paint and Sip

Learn how to paint to create your very own masterpiece at Paint Juicy Paint and Sip Classes. This hens party idea will be one of the most fun things you'll ever do as you learn how to paint with wine or cocktails in hand! We arrange it so that your paints, brushes and canvas are all ready for you before you arrive to save time - this hens party idea really does save the hassle! If there are more than 10 of you, consider splitting into teams so everyone can compete against each other - just keep in mind that this hens party activity is best enjoyed with friends who share a passion for art! Join as The Wickham for our epic Brisbane Paint and Sip Classes

What are some of your favourite Hens Night Party Ideas in Brisbane?