Questions About Our Paint Parties

If you’ve been looking for more girls’ day ideas to spend quality time with your best friends, you’ve probably considered going to a paint bar for a paint and sip class. It’s a great way to try something new, create a work of art, and enjoy some delicious wine. The best part? It’s all in a relaxed setting that fuels your creativity, giving you an exciting night that you and your friends will all love.

The chances are that you and your friends have never attended a paint and sip paint party before. Here are four questions that newbies tend to ask about paint and sip Paint Parties:


Is Art Experience Necessary?

Our paint and sip classes are for everyone, even those without an inkling of art knowledge or experience! We have a wide array of paintings you can recreate, which are all simple enough for even someone who has never used paint in their life. Our staff of experienced artists will also help guide you through the painting when you’re stumped, ensuring you create an artwork that is all yours while unlocking your creative potential. 


Are They Classes or Parties?

The great news is that they can be both! You can attend our regularly scheduled class with your mates or organise a private party for your colleagues to enjoy a more intimate atmosphere where you can be unapologetically yourselves. In fact, a paint and sip class is a popular team-building activity!

Every paint and sip session aims to have each painter explore their creativity while having fun. With access to flowing wine and a lively atmosphere of like-minded painters, paint and sip sessions are always filled with joy. 


Is the Paint and Sip Class Private or Public?

If you’d like the studio to yourself, you can arrange for a private paint and sip class for you and your mates. We also offer public classes, which are great opportunities to meet new people and make friends. 

Paint Juicy’s private paint and sip classes are excellent for corporate events, birthdays, hen parties, and other kinds of get-togethers. You can choose the paintings you want to create and even plan a prize for the painter who comes up with the best-looking artwork. We also offer mobile paint and sip to restaurants and other venues, which means you can have a paint and sip session in the location of your choice. Just book us in advance, and we’ll take care of the rest!


Is It BYOB, or Will You Provide the Drinks?

Paint Juicy designs each class to have a funky, disco-centric vibe to get everyone in the mood to sip some drinks, nibble on delicious snacks, and socialise with other painters. All you need to bring to the class is some of your favourite bevvy and snacks to get the night going. We also have packaged snacks available, and our Upper Coomera studio has Pattysmiths Burgers right next door to satisfy all your cravings for the night!

Attending a paint and sip class with you and your mates is a great way to make new memories with each other. If you’re going to a class with your workmates, you’ll cultivate stronger work connections. We’ll take care of the paints, easels, aprons, and other supplies; just show up with your favourite drinks and snacks, and you’re in for an unforgettable paint and sip class!


Paint Juicy offers a great range of paint and sip classes across the Gold Coast and also Brisbane Queensland only to the tune of the best bangers to get your creative juices and nostalgic vibes flowing. With our epic stage lighting, mirror balls, and special appearance by fabulous drag queen Shushu Funtanna, each paint and sip class is a party! Book a class with us today!