Reasons To Try Our Paint And Sip Class

There is a mountain of ways to get your creative juices flowing across the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Now that we can easily join workshops and classes, finding a unique experience that will fill your creative soul with joy can get tricky—that's where Paint and Sip come in.

Paint and Sip classes are not like your typical painting classes, and the great thing about them is that newbies and aspiring artists equally enjoy them, both at home and in-studio. Besides getting to paint with a glass of wine, on the other hand, it's a great space to connect with like-minded, enthusiastic people who are creatively driven. 

If you need a bit more convincing about joining a paint and sip class with us at Paint Juicy, keep reading. In this article, we'll share the biggest reason you should enrol in our paint and sip classes.


You Can Create Art While You Drink Some Booze ~ in moderation of course

Painting can feel a bit intimidating for some people who think it is a very focused activity, especially when you're in front of a blank canvas. But because you'll be sipping on some fine wine, cider or beer while you paint, you can let loose and start painting away. 

You can also feel more comfortable and at ease at our painting studio, allowing you to have a great time with your friends or meet new people in the same class! Besides that, you can even host some paint parties here—what's more fun than painting with your friends, or work friends right?

No need for Picasso talents, just pop a cork of your favourite beverage and let the painting process begin! We offer creative classes that assist you every step of the way in developing your creative skills and you will walk away at the end learning a new skill with a huge sense of accomplishment.


Attentive, Friendly, and Impressive Instructors At Each Of Our Painting Classes

Our paint and sip classes hold some of the friendliest and inspiring professional and emerging local artists. They have a fair bit of experience when it comes to teaching and painting but they also love a bit of fun. Regardless of the amount of experience they've had, they're trained professionals who will guide you through your creative process, allowing you to unlock the creativity you've been storing. 


Our Paint Classes Are An Easy-Going Environment That Is Full Of Fun

The fact that you'll be sipping on some booze is already giving the space a more relaxing vibe. And because of this, the space promises participants enough artistic freedom and time to complete their piece at their own pace. With that said, the main goal of a paint and sip class is for their team to share the joy of painting with the participants. 


A Painting Class Is a Great Way to Destress

Painting is a focused activity, and because of this, it helps you forget the troubles and worries you have outside the studio—whatever they may be. If you're looking for a quick escape on the weekdays and want to de-stress before you get back on the grind, painting classes allow you to de-stress and reground, pushing you to connect with yourself and the people around you. 


Paint Juicy Takes Painting Classes to Another Level

Many people think that painting is such a serious art form and only the truly artistic can do it. However, painting is universal, and it helps inspire so many people to live a well-rounded life. 

Seeing as we're so used to doing everyday tasks and activities, joining a Paint Juicy paint and sip class is the unique experience you need to spice up your life. Our classes push you out of your comfort zone, allowing you to express yourself with freedom on canvas—with a glass of wine in the other hand. 


Why Come To Paint Juicy?

Paint Juicy is a paint and sip based on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. Our fabulous bubblegum pink lit spot is a great place for all, including our LGBTIQA+ community. From work party events to birthday parties, private painting classes to date nights—we're happy to make memories with you.