Work Party Paint and Sip

Paint and Sip Work Parties

Who says work parties have to be a restaurant or bar catch-up every year? If you need ideas for your next workplace party, consider hosting a paint and sip session with us at Paint Juicy. This will enable your employees to be creative, spend some time together away from the stresses of work, and most importantly feel relaxed in a fun and supportive environment.

What you want out of a team-building exercise isn’t a stressful memory that your team looks back on with disdain. Going for a work party paint and sip is more accessible for everybody and even gives them something to take home afterwards.

If you’re not sure how to pitch a paint and sip session as your next work party, take note of these benefits:


It’s Not Competitive. A Paint and Sip Work Party is Fun!

As fun as more competitive games can be, it can end up making things stressful. When people feel too competitive, it becomes counterproductive as they break apart and try to beat each other—rather than come together as a team. What you want is to engage them and build their bonds as a single unit. It also lessens the pressure on employees that aren’t looking to be judged.


A Work Party Painting Class is Equal Parts Collaborative and Individual

This encourages people to share, socialise, and collaborate without actually needing to work in a group to succeed. It’s a good middle ground that still encourages open communication without forcing it on people. At the same time, a paint and sip work party provides a good space for individual expression and skill. 

Since each person can work on their own, they aren’t restricted by other ideas. At the same time, they can still have fun talking with fellow co-workers.


It’s A Relaxing Work Party Idea

This activity is pretty simple. There’s no need to exert too much physical effort or stress oneself mentally. It eases each individual into a comfortable space, whether they are extroverted or introverted. 

The most a person may worry about is being able to keep up with the instructions and doing their art well. Even that can be combated as long as the instructor keeps things light and makes sure each person feels free to just do their best without feeling pressure which we do very well at Paint Juicy. Our talented local artist will guide each team member with easy step-by-step instructions.


A Paint And Sip Work Party Is An Easy Choice

One of the most troublesome parts of team building is organising them. Thinking up games and activities then putting together the materials needed can be a hassle. This problem rings even truer for more complicated activities that need set-up.

With a paint and sip session, all of this is already handled since Paint Juicy handles the set-up and all the art materials needed by everyone. All you need to do is bring a positive vibe, your favourite bottle and get ready for an epic paint party that your whole workplace will enjoy.

Our paint and sip studios are the choice for many whether it be birthday parties, hens party and every other occasion.


A Work Party Paint and Sip Is Easy Enough But Still Stimulating For The Mind

Even if it’s not such a challenging artwork, it still provides a viable showcase for your workplace to show their ability, teamwork and nature. You can even position this activity in a motivational way that makes employees feel more valued. Give awards for the best, most obscure or most vibrant.

Painting is an interesting activity that stimulates interest while triggering creativity. All those insights come out without having to challenge them excessively.

Whether you’re in charge or just thinking of the next idea to suggest a work party, a paint and sip class with Paint Juicy is a wonderful choice. It’s a great experience that can build connections in a stress-free way. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a little drink while you let out your creative side.