Throw a Paint and Sip For Your Hens Party

Anticipating and celebrating a wedding can be pretty exciting, and one of the first events that serve as a prequel to your big day is the hens party. Everyone has their own taste about how most of these shindigs can go, but nothing can beat the idea of a more laidback yet amusing bachelorette party.

If you’re contemplating what kind of hens night you should have with your group, consider throwing a paint and sip party. Wondering why or what for? Here are four great reasons:

For the Peace of Mind

Look, planning a wedding can be really stressful. The ideal hens party would be where you can just unwind with your guests. Having a couple of drinks in hand, some paint, and a canvas sets you and your friends up for a truly relaxing time. Instead of jumping up and down or going out and about, you can just sit still and let your creative juices flow.

Another way a paint and sip party would be perfect for brides to be is because the paint and studio can handle all the arrangements for you. There’s been enough brainstorming, canvassing, and discussing while wedding planning. With paint and sip events, just share what kind of tunes and mood you desire. You can kick back and relax thereafter as organisers take care of the rest.

For a Space for Talking

Other bachelorette parties can be a little too extreme and involved, so there’s no room to breathe. If you and your group are going on an adventure or planning a little show, there might not be any room to talk with one another. Paint and sip classes are good as you get a cocktail and attention while being able to divvy up your attention for a conversation.

Plus, that goal of bonding with one another before the bachelorette takes up the role of a bride and wife is still achievable too. Friends can coach one another and help with the other person’s painting. You can have an old-fashioned chit chat in between brush strokes too.

For Making Great Memories

When you picture hens parties, most people may imagine different settings, like being out at the beach in the dark of the night or clubbing out and about. However, a simple mirrorball, fun lighting, and talking with your friends would be more memorable.

The painting that you create at the end of the hens party night itself is quite a keeper. Looking and admiring it can help you recall the music, the fun, the laughs and everything that happens in between even years later.

For Appreciating Individuality

Art can be very personal for many individuals, both in style and what you eventually paint on such an emotional night. Perhaps you end up painting your partner or just end up with something abstract. Either way, everyone’s expression is valid and appreciated.

Even if there are some people in your friend group who aren’t very artistic, paint and sips can be a great way to stimulate one’s imagination and find inspiration. There’s no competition or prize either, but just an ambience that recognises each and every person at the bachelorette party.

Taking these reasons into consideration should help you see why a paint and sip party is perfect for bachelorettes everywhere. The whole gathering doesn’t have to be complicated to make it perfect. You just need the right people, a paintbrush and a wine.

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