Top Reasons Why to Have a Paint and Sip Party on the Gold Coast

Art doesn’t have to be serious. If you want to kick back and have casual fun with it, that’s totally okay! Art makes us feel good and engages our creativity while lowering our stress and giving us time to unwind. Even if you aren’t a serious artist, a paint and sip night combines the best benefits of hanging out with creative friends and unwinding with wonderful wine.

When it comes to location, it doesn’t get much better than the Gold Coast. After all, there are so many things to try in this lovely surfer’s paradise! It can be dizzying to decide where to start, but that is all the more reason you should block out your schedule for a local favorite: a paint and sip night. This activity should be on everyone’s checklist for relaxing Gold Coast adventures.

Unique Experience

How do you start? You bring your favorite wines, snacks, and your fabulous self, and we supply the art supplies!  These paint and sip Gold Coast parties range from funky fresh to wild at the Burleigh Heads studio. You’ve spent all day shaded by pine trees and pandanus palms, so why not cool off in the evening with a paint party? It’s a way to dial down the energy of the day and get in touch with the present.

Discover Creativity

Look, the paint and sip Gold Coast soirees aren’t for only the masterful painters among us. If you’ve never picked up a paintbrush, this is a fantastic time to start. No pressure, no expensive supplies, and you get a talented teacher to guide you through the process. We all have creativity inside of us waiting to burst out, so relaxing with a glass of wine and mixing paint is one of the best ways to discover and unleash it.

Meet Fun People

Even if you’re bringing along friends, there will be loads of fun, friendly individuals during the paint and sip Gold Coast party. The social scene here is excellent; you can even try out one of our Drag Queen paint and sip nights to mingle with other LGBTQTI+ adults in a safe space.