Welcome to The Espy | Hotel Esplanade St Kilda

Step into a world where stories come to life, legends are born, and unforgettable moments unfold. Welcome to The Espy, a place that has witnessed it all - your favourite band rocking out in The Gershwin Room, pre-gig beers flowing in the lively public bar, and even those hilarious stumble-ins from the nearby seaside. This iconic establishment has been a melting pot of tales for an astounding 144 years, its walls holding secrets that would make your head spin.

Welcome to The Espy | Hotel Esplanade St Kilda

The Espy has been a haven for Melbourne's vibrant characters throughout its rich history. Artists, musicians, and even philanthropist Alfred Felton himself have called this place home. It all began 144 years ago when a local politician had the audacious vision to create something extraordinary. Thus, the Hotel Esplanade was born, instantly becoming the talk of the town and the epitome of luxury in Melbourne.

Over the next nine decades, The Espy welcomed countless famous faces, including the likes of the legendary Mark Twain and the enigmatic Alfred Felton. It played host to extravagant soirées, witnessed the ravages of war, and gracefully adapted to the ever-changing cultural landscape. And just when it seemed like it couldn't get any more exciting, the 1970s arrived, bringing with them the rebellious era of punk and rock 'n' roll. The Espy's survival became a captivating tale of its own, as threats of casinos, apartments, and demolition loomed large but were bravely fought off by the spirited local community.

In 2015, the beloved venue closed its doors for a planned renovation, only to find that the journey would be longer and more challenging than anticipated. With new hands at the helm and a whole lot of determination, The Hotel Esplanade triumphantly reopened its doors in 2018, welcoming back its loyal locals and introducing itself to a full new wave of fans. Today, it proudly stands as the crown jewel of St Kilda, the unrivalled pub offering much more than just a good meal, refreshing drinks, or thrilling gigs.

Step inside and prepare to be captivated. Hotel Esplanade boasts an astounding 12 different bars spread across five levels, ensuring that whatever your preference may be, we have a spot that's perfect for you. Indulge in hand-picked wines, sip on classic and custom cocktails, explore an awe-inspiring selection of craft beers, or venture into the realm of spirits from our very own in-house barrel-ageing program. And for the sports enthusiasts among us, fear not - our Public Bar is the ultimate destination to catch every live AFL kick-off on our big screens.

Hotel Esplanade's impeccable customer service, combined with our diverse array of bars and drinks, has solidified our reputation as one of St Kilda's leading establishments and is also the home of St Kilda's best paint and sip 'Paint Juicy'. Whether you're seeking a lively night out, a cozy evening with friends, or a memorable gathering, The Espy has it all. So come on in, dive into the rich tapestry of history, and create your own unforgettable story at the best pub in St Kilda - Hotel Esplanade.